Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New York Happenings, December 2007 Edition

To my besties,

Phew! I made it. Last night I rocked the socks off of my microbiology final (I hope!) which put an end to the semester from hell! Who knew working full time and taking 8.5 credits of science would be so exhausting?? So now I have a break until January 2nd when I start a winter intersession (3 week) course (Human Growth and Development). Then on to Physiology and Anatomy 2 and Nutrition for the spring semester. I hoping it is a bit less intense than this past one. I think some of my friends believe I no longer like them because I didn’t have time to hang out with any of them. However, I do still like all my friends. I just have goals. Speaking of which, my applications have been sent in to Columbia and NYU for their accelerated nursing programs but I won’t hear until February and April respectively.

So good news all around in the Bachnick household (which includes the Bachnick/Witebsky household in New York as well as the Bachnick/Baker household in Mn). The day I found out that I get to take a trial break from physical therapy (after apx 3 months and about $400-500 worth), Steve, my lovely brother in law, found out he got into the film program at Minneapolis Community and Technical college. YAY STEVE! Also, my dad had his first colonoscopy since his first one last year which led to a discovery of colon cancer followed by 6 months of treacherous chemotherapy. This year, his colonoscopy was clean except for one microscopic polyp which the doc wasn’t too worried about. YAY DAD! Here’s to a successful and happy new year in 2008!

Not much else to report. Scott is getting over a case of the flu (and by the flu, I mean actual influenza…and yes, he got his flu shot) which he’s had for about a week and a half. Started off very quickly with chills and a very high fever and has now just turned into a horrible rackety cough. We’re convinced he’s on the mend though, and he should be considering he had to return to rehearsals for Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare) for which he’ll be playing the role of Grumio. (Grumio…Grumio…wherefore art thou Grumio??....meaning I don’t need no stinkin' Romeo! I’ll take Grumio any day!)

We’re headed off to Minnesota on Friday and I absolutely can’t wait! (If anyone is in town from the 21-27th give me a call!) New York isn’t so much fun when you don’t have time to enjoy it. I felt like all I experienced of New York in the last 3.5 months was the annoying transportation system and the inconvenience of snow here. Snow in Mn is really crappy to drive through. But considering you walk everywhere in NY (and I was lugging books, etc), I almost think snow here is worse!

I’m trying to think of any funny stories that happened in the last month but quite frankly, they’re all starting to blend together! You just get use to people’s strangeness out here. But keep checking the blog (http://newyorkhappenings.blogspot.com) , and hopefully I’ll have some more time to keep them up there. And if you go there now, you can see some really nerdy (but cute) pictures of Erin and Steve which is incentive for anyone to visit.

Happy Holidays everyone! (Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, etc). Hope they treat you well and everyone stays happy and healthy and plans a trip to visit me in NY for 2008! Love you all,


Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

While I suffered through my last final last night (Microbiology...which was actually kind of fun...see, there was this matching part...shoot...I'm a loser), my sister and her husband in Minnesota took it upon themselves to get into the Christmas spirit by dressing up in horrible sweaters and posing in front of the mantel and the Christmas tree. And then my parents got involved...I can only hope there was drinking going on beforehand, but I think there was not. Oh dear. Here are a few of their "Merry" Christmas pics:This is just normal and dorky and cute....right?

This is where I suspect the booze got involved...

And Erin and Steve were flying high....or something. (By the way, some of those presents are for me! Woo hoo!)

At least my parents managed to look adorable in their nerdiness.

My sister informed me her and I had to take one of these pictures too so perhaps I will embarrass myself and put it up on here....or perhaps not....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Guest blogger: Shauna (aka Shizzy)

Hello all,
This entry is from an email I received from my coworker Shauna who just moved to the city in July. It reminded me so much of my early experiences in the city that I had to add it. And Shauna is just such a character, I thought maybe some of you would enjoy it. And of course, it involves the New York suwbays system as all crazy new york stories should. Here it is:

...I've started studying for the GREs and i'm having an absolute blast. read: the GREs make me want to throw myself on the subway tracks. which apparently people in the city like to do on a regular basis because the only train that takes me to my job has been shut down approximately 3 times in the last 2 weeks due to things like, "a robber jumped into the train tracks," "someone jumped in front of the train," etc. Really, if people want to commit suicide, can't they pick another goddamn train line to do it on?? I need to go to work.

So one of these times the train stopped at 149th street (i need to get to 195th ish) so obvoiusly there's no way in hell i'm walking. and i'm poor so i'm not taking a cab. and of course nothing i need merges at 149th street. so since everyone and their mom was switching to the bus i didn't want to take it. not to mention i figured i wouldn't get as lost on foot as i could get on the bus. so i asked the police officer where the next closest subway station was. he told me and i thought i was following his directions perfectly (i still maintain that i was, and that 149th street is NOT only 5 blocks away from 161st street), but somehow i ended up on some back roads with no one really around over by yankee stadium, which let me tell you, is absolutely not the nicest neighborhood i've ever been in. oh, and i was wearing my neon orange north face jacket. needless to say, i wasn't exactly blending in.

So i asked this parking attendant where the subway was when i decided i was lost again, and naturally he didn't speak english (no one in the bronx speaks english) so he just repeated what i said. (i would've tried spanish but i couldn't tell if he spoke that either because he looked like a frog and i couldn't figure out a clear ethnicity). finally he understood and pointed in the direction, but then motioned for me to get in the back seat, that he'd take me there. so i said no of course, that i was fine walking, and we went back and forth for a few minutes, and then i said thanks and started walking.

A couple minutes later as i'm praying that God would turn my bright orange jacket into a nice foggy gray to blend in with the slums i was walking next to, i hear this honking. I ignore it b/c it's usually some d-bag who thinks that's a good way to pick up girls, but it continues so i finally turn and it's the same parking attendant dude trying to motion for me to take a left at the next intersection. I wave thank you and he drives off, thank the lord. So i get up to the corner where i'm supposed to take a left, but i see the stairway leading down to the subway station on my right. So i ask one of the construction workers there if i can get to the subway going left or do i need to take that one on the right? He looked at me kinda funny and was like, no you can go that way (pointing left). I say thanks and start walking and then look up and realize why he gave me that look.

About 20 feet ahead and above me is blatantly the subway rail with monstrous staircases leading up to it, like impossible to miss if i was paying any attention at all. i like to think that had someone attacked me that morning, my stupidity might have deterred them from following through. So that was a little more long-winded than i had expected, but really, are any of you surprised that my story was long-winded? I'm not.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh dear....

New Yorkers, they're talking primarily to you!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Yes...I am aware Thanksgiving was three weeks ago...

I know these pics are going up a bit late as they are from our Thanksgiving dinner! But I wanted to get them up none-the-less. Scott and I couldn't afford to go home to Mn for TG this year (and it was nice to avoid the holiday travel!) so we had a nice Italian dinner at Carmines, a family style place on 91st and Broadway. We went with 2 of our friends from Scott's class, Ashley and Sing, and had a lovely time! And such a politically correct, multiethnic group we were! Oh New York. How I love thee. PS Remind me to start wearing makeup so I look cute like Ashley and Sing!

The gang! From left to right: Scott, Ashley, me and Sing

Ashley making a very important point over meatballs and penne alla vodka! Mmm....screw turkey! (Plus the turkey dinner they served was $135 for 8-10 people...we're all poor...but we're rich in love!)

Our darling friend, Sing, with the cherry from my diet cherry coke...this is one of the "cleaner" images. We're so mature.

Awww, so nice to spend Thanksgiving with the one you love!

And isn't he cute??

The ladies! (Again...I need some make up...good thing Christmas is on its way! Santa may need to bring me some new lipstick and eye shadow so I can compete with my beautiful friends!!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New York Happenings, November 2007 Edition

To my friends and family,

Some advice: Never take 8.5 credits of science classes while working full time and inviting your parents and your boyfriends parents to visit on successive weekends while your boyfriend performs in his thesis production which is a 3 hour long, deep play about sex and racial diversity in NY in the early 1960s.

That basically sums up the last month of my life and may I add that I had a microbiology and a chemistry test while my parents were in town?? I am exhausted!! Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! I am thankful for not having to work and getting to sleep in tomorrow! Not much else has been going on around here. Scott's thesis production was a great success! And my dad stayed awake through the whole thing (unlike during Phantom which my mom and him also saw while they were here.) My parents visit was great but felt short as I had to study and attend class a lot of the time they were here. So basically, I saw them for meals (but they were some darn good ones!)

A few interesting citings of the last month include: 1) A 65+ year old woman with a walker and a labrae piercing. (See pic). I definitely did a double take.2) A guy on the subway who wore a kipa (we've discussed what these are before my Catholic family members), but the kipa was specially made to with a "Geek Squad" symbol on it. What a geek. (Scott's joke).3) My crush from Legally Blonde the Musical (which my friend Amelia and I saw on Halloween and oh how we wish Amy L. could have joined us!!), Christian Borle, standing next to me on the subway (I LOVED this musical. I recommend everyone watch it on MTV tomorrow because they're playing it there.) And Christian Borle happens to look a lot like Scott when he's acting...go figure. Of course I was too shy to say anything to him so I didn't get confirmation but I'm like 95% sure that it was him...even though my coworkers think that I'm crazy because I claim to see so many celebrities. They're all over the place here! I swear!

In terms of the Broadway stagehand strke, my parents lucked out and saw the last show of the Phantom of the Opera before the strike. But Scott, his family and I weren't so lucky. We missed multiple shows because of the strike though his family got to see Xanadu. In an attempt to get all of you to visit my blog ( http://newyorkhappenings.blogspot.com/) I am going to post pics from my parents visit up there as its much easier to put them there than to add them to an email. So visit soon!

Happy Turkey Day,

p.s. Scott and I will not be having turkey this Thanksgiving…we will be having family style Italian with 2 of his classmates at Carmines on 91 st and Bway. Can't wait!

A visit from the rents....

I apologize for being such a bad blogger! Here are pics from my parent's visit from 11/9-11/13/07. Enjoy! (P.S. The pics are so good because they were all taken by my professional photographer of a father).
Aww...34 years of marriage and they still look cute together in central park!
Looking at prints of my dad's photoshopping while he takes pics of us...interesting.
This is the front door to our apartment....although this pic makes it look a lot cuter than it really is. Scott and I love this one!

My parents came up to visit the VA where I work and my dad found our office manager's desk (Mary...who I love) to be a great photo-op. She swears her house doesn't look anything like this!

Mmmm...dirty subway car...how New York.

My mom being cute at MOMA. She is my dad's favorite model.

The globe in columbus circle never looked so pretty!

A great random Taxi shot.

This is an uplifting photo...an old cemetary near ground zero.

Does anyone else think this photo is moderately reminscent of the "Top Guy" photo? Only my dad's co-model is not as cute as the other girl

My dad and Katrin Eismann who wrote a book he likes about Photoshop. We had lunch with her and she was very nice. They tried to keep the shop talk (photo shop that is) to a minimum....and they sort of succeeded.

I don't know where this is but its cute so I'm including it.

Doesn't this pic look like it should include her throwing up a beret like Mary Tyler Moore?

Awww, how cute. Scott and I at NYU. I love this one.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Parenting skills...

Yesterday while riding the bus to work in the Bronx, I observed some parenting skills probably comparable to Brit Brit's (Britney Spears that is). A woman, probably in her early to mid 20s, was sitting across from me with 2 toddlers (adorable might I add). I was alarmed when she was swearing profusely into her phone telling someone he was "wasting her fucking minutes" and calling him names. The kids were both crying, one because her pacifier had fell on the floor and the mom wasnt giving it back because it was dirty. The mom proceeded to tell the youngest to "shut up" because she was whining about the pacifier. When we got to their stop, the mom grabbed the youngest girl and basically tossed her to a man who was waiting for them at the bus. She then grabbed the other little girl from her seat who didnt seem to want to leave and tried to stand her ground. The mom violently took the girl by the arms and carried her off the bus. She then proceeded to bitch at the girl and yell more obscenities at the guy. As the bus door closed, an abrupt burst of spanish took over as multiple hispanohablantes were watching this whole incident and I couldn't have gotten a word in at all over the clamor of chatter.....Oh the Bronx.

P.S. Also in the Bronx, which was about 50 degrees this AM, I saw a girl eating a popcicle. Interesting.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New York vs. Minnesota

My friend from Mn, Amy J, sent me these links and I found them quite interesting. No wonder I find NY so dirty! Minnesota is ranked #1 for cleanliness! I miss that Minnesota clean! (Though they've got nothing on New York's public transportation. Even though I continually bitch about it, it's pretty good.)

Things I've seen lately....

In an attempt to chronicle the weird weird things I see while living in New York, I am starting an entry entitled: Things I've seen lately....let there be many many more entries to follow!

Things I've Seen Lately:
1) When Scott and I were walking down Amsterdam a week or 2 ago, we came to a bodega at the corner of Amsterdam and 103rd and saw a possibly inebriated man with blood all over his face and arm swaying around. People were just staring at him, and upon closer inspection, I noticed he was only wearing one shoe, and his other shoe and a brief case were on the side walk a few feet away from him. Scott and I promptly walked up 3 blocks and over to Broadway before my hero of a boyfriend called 911 who sent an ambulance....well no one else was gonna do it!
2) I've seen 2 separate woman panhandling in pink Croc shoes. Either people like to donate their pink Crocs to the needy, they choose to buy pink Crocs with their panhandling money in stead of...you know...nourishment, or they don't really need to be panhandling. Will have to do some more investigating on this one.
3) Saw a kid put loads of salt onto a piece of Sal and Carmine's pizza (which is already salty/smokey tasting.) This wasn't so much weird as it was gross. Talk about hypernatremia. *wink* And for those of you who know Sal and Carmine (who have been described as "two crusty Italians", who are in their sixties and have perma-frowns), I am convinced they are a gay couple. Just a thought.
4) Lastly, I saw a panhandler on the subway last night, one who didn't smell so good and looked quite dirty, who began holding onto the pole in the middle of the car and singing "It's getting hot in here! So take off all your clothes!" However, people ate this up! He got money for singing this. So I guess his bizzaro tactic worked.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Is it Friday yet??

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Politically incorrect, yet entertaining.

I've always been a bigger fan of Target anyways....Check it out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If you do ANYTHING today...please watch this!

Potter Puppet Pals in the Mysterious Ticking Noise....

New York Happenings: October 07 Edition (somehow my numbering got off, but officially I've been in NY for 17 months now!)

Hello all,
Happy October! I am about 20% calmer than I was in September because things have slowed down a bit at work and I've gotten into the swing of things at school. I actually got A's on my first exams in both classes (Chem and Microbiology) and so I am feeling good! I have already submitted my application to Columbia's nursing school and am starting to work on my application for NYU which isn't due for a bit. I am feeling great about the choice I am making for a career nursing and can't wait to get started. Part of that is because my past year working in research has shown me a negative side of research and the people who are involved in it. This is more true of psychiatrists than psychologists. The psychologists I work with are great. And my boss, who is a psychiatrist, is also great, but it almost feels like he's an exception to the rule. Plus, he's only part time so I have to deal with the not so great psychiatrists more often than I'd like to. Oy vey. If I have to hear about collaborating and grants and research money much longer, I might just scream. Clinical work seems to be the way to go for me. And perhaps, in the future, I can find some research people to work with who are a bit more normal and less greedy. I am lucky in my current job, most of the emphasis is on health services research which is far less competitive and much more compassionate research in my opinion. And the people who work in the area are a completely different breed ( e.g. my boss) than the clinical research psychiatrists, etc.

But enough about that. On to an ankle update. My current doctor and I concluded that this continuing pain I've been having in my ankle us due to ankle joint inflammation. Without getting very specific, he told me this is happening just due to the natural mechanism and weak joint of my ankle. SOOOO, we made some molds for orthotics which I should be getting by the end of the month and I am again doing physical therapy but very limited exercises because it seems like just the wrong amount of pressure in the wrong place will inflame it. I now understand why people get depressed about physical ailments/injuries, or about undiagnosed problems because I definitely went through a phase of that. But the inflammation has lessened in the last few weeks and I am finally feeling more positive that things are improving. Now if I could just get into some cute shoes!!! Soon…soon….

So those of you who read my last New York Happenings update saw the story about the weird man who took my picture on the corner of 95th and Broadway…the guy with the poodle. Just wanted to inform all of you that I saw him again last week! However, he didn't see me so I was in the clear. However this time, his dog was wearing a red kipa (the little head piece that Jewish men wear) kept on by hair clips. The man however was not wearing one. So apparently the dog is Jewish and the man is not. To each their own. Wish I had his camera to take a picture of that! http://newyorkhappenings.blogspot.com/2007/10/crazy-poodle-photog-update.html

The rents are coming out to visit me next month and I can't wait! I had a great visit with Erin and Steve in September. More info plus pictures in the blog. Check it out: http://newyorkhappenings.blogspot.com/2007/09/gasp.html
To be honest, I have not been a very good blogger lately due to my lack of time. But after this semester, I should get back to it.

Hope all is well with everyone and you're all enjoying the brisk fall air as I am! I love fall! Love to all,


Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy poodle photog update

I wanted to share (though haven't had the chance until now) that I saw crazy photographer man this past Monday who took a random picture of my sweaty, tennis-shoe-ed self in front of some random boutique on 95th street about a month ago (See this entry.)

This time when I saw him however, he didn't see me, so no random photos taken of me. (I feel a little bit like a celebrity who avoided the paparazzi...sad). However, he did have his large white poodle with him (think golden retriever size or bigger), and the poodle had a kipa on. (For those of you who don't know what a kipa is, it's the headpiece that jewish men wear. See the pic.) The kipa was red and held on by hair clips. Funny thing is that photog man wasn't wearing a kipa. So apparently the dog is Jewish, and the photographer is just crazy.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007


While I have time to actually take a breath between working full time, taking 8 credits of college courses, physical therapy and regular mundane duties, I thought I'd attempt to update you all on the wonderful visit we had from my sister and her husband of just over a year, Steve.

The Bakers came out on Thursday, 9/20. On Tuesday, 9/18, I was sick in bed. My ankle was (still is) inflamed/irritated. And I was worried I wouldn't be able to show them a good time. However, between the three broadway shows they saw (including 2 with Scott and I), the late show with David Letterman (they saw Paris Hilton), walks through Central Park, seeing Sarah Jessica Parker on the street, visiting Yankee Stadium, shopping at Loehmann's, Century 21 and in Soho, a visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island....I think they found enough to keep them busy and I kept up Thursday-Saturday afternoon until my studies called and I had to review my notes for a Microbiology quiz (whose ass I kicked.) Here are some pics of the highlights of a very memorable trip!

My brother-in-law, Steve, having his first slice of New York pizza at Koronet's

Erin and Steve in Time Square

Erin and Steve at Phantom, the first night they arrived.

Scott and I at Phantom (which was amazing btw. I cried.) Apparently we are Broadway veterans and don't feel the need to dress up (and I can only wear tennis shoes anyways).

We had a problem with the air mattress pump and only got it blown up this much before it died....Steve didn't seem to mind and yes, he actually slept on it like that. What a trooper.

Erin and I eating our Pax breakfast in the subway station (not super pleasant) and naturally I dripped breakfast wrap juice all over myself. Awesome.

This is what Ground Zero currently looks like.

Steve has become a mini-Alex (that's my photographer father for those of you who don't know) since he's been living in the Bachnick household. Not too shabby! This is on the ferry ride to the statue of liberty.

Such cute tourists aren't they?

I swear they took me along just to take pictures of them....jk :)

We made it to Ellis Island and tried to look up my grandpa Joseph Maderak, but there was no record of him. Think he spelled his name different when he came from Poland and we didn't have time to find out in our rush to get back for another show!!

Umm...some guy was randomly dressed up as Spider Man in Battery Park when we were leaving and Erin and Steve got quite the kick out of him. He took his picture with both of them (but requested a "tip"). I think I see enough weirdos in New York so didn't really want my photo with him.

Spider Man really liked my sister. I think he thought she was Mary Jane.

Erin and I before dinner at Cafe du Soleil and XANADU!!! Notice I'm still wearing tennis shoes. BOOOO.

Scott and I in Time Square before Xanadu. We actually have never had our pic taken in Time Square so it's kind of a nice pic to have!

Scott and I holding up 2 fingers to symbolize our second time seeing Xanadu. We sat on stage and it was AMAZING!! BEST SHOW EVER! (Except for the actress who hit on Steve, Scott and Erin. I felt a little left out. Must have been the tennis shoes.)

Realizing we didn't have a picture of all 4 of us, we decided to take one ourselves on the train. I'm wearing a tube top people. I'm not topess. Come on.

Steve and Scott bonding at Ginger's (this great, cheap Chinese resturant at 38th and 7th). How cute. :)

So we actually did get a picture of the 4 of us at Gingers but Scott and I looked cuter in the one where I look like I'm topless.

Erin was very proud that she found New Yorkers who were nice (because I had complained about the not niceness of some NYers). This is one of those nice New Yorkers, Jimmy who is a manager at Apple Jacks Diner (a place Scott and I frequent when we're in Time Square because its all we can afford. And its not too shabby.) Jimmy was quite interested in Steve and Erin's suburban life. He lives in Queens.

What a trip right? More photos at this photo gallery my dad made for Erin. Check them out if you need some amusement. Happy Wednesday.