Saturday, August 19, 2006

Volume 3: August 06

Hello all,Long time most see for most of you. :( For those of you who are new to my mass email list, I've included the first 2 volumes of my New Yorkhappenings at the bottom of this email for your reading pleasure. Again,crazy things have happened since I've been here in NY. And I'd like to fill you all in. Also, for you Minnesotans, I'll be home between August26th and 31st so call me if you'd like to meet up! Alright, here goes.Interesting New Yorkian events:1) Got a part time job working in the "Big Boys" section at Macys. Yes THE Macys in Herald Square. Pretty neat huh? Despite what this sounds like (andthe misunderstanding of my coworker, Giffesia) this is not plus sizemen..(Big Boys...get it?).this is boys sizes 8-20. I'm enjoying it minus having too many hours and sore feet!2) As Scott and I were walking to the grocery store, I saw a man carryingwhat looked to be a large rodent in rigor mortis. I moved over, runninginto Scott, who didn't see the animal, and he asked me why I ran into him. He totally didn't believe me until we were leavnig the grocery store andthis crazy crazy man was showing his new rodent friend to another man onthe street. The other guy said "Why didn't you leave that on the street?! It's a dead rodent!" Scott knew then that I wasn't making it up and we gotour butts out of there.3) When it was raining I saw a man with a shopping cart (not that shoppingcart people are funny..but give me a moment), wearing a ziplock bag for a hat and goggles over his eyes. He was very weather-prepared.4) I decided I don't enjoy my job at Mount Sinai because there's no patientinteraction other than over the phone, and I don't get paid very well. I proceeded to look for a new job and lined up an interview in Long Islandfor a job at the Bronx VA that would pay me $8000 more a year. The trip toLong Island was an experience in itself. After an hour long train ride that cost me $16 round trip, I got off at a stop where I bus was supposed tocome and bring me directly to the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in WestBrentwood. After waiting for an hour and a half in what I thought was small town USA, no bus had showed and I had only 10 minutes until theinterview began. I ran across the street to get a taxi which cost me $25instead of the $1.50 the bus would have cost me. I made it just in time to the interview only to find out there were now 2 positions and I was beingstrongly considered for one that would give me a PAYCUT of $5000/year.Yeah right. I barely make it on what I have now. I couldn't handle a paycut. But I was optimistic because I had had a good interview and felt myinterviewing skills could get me some sort of new job. On the $20 taxiride back to the station, the driver told me the city I had been in waiting for the bus, this imagined small-town-USA of mine, was one of the worstcities in Long Island. Wyndanch. Who would have known?? I made it back intime for work at Macys. What a day. Oh yeah, and I lost my Gap credit card that day too. Go figure. Don't worry. Its taken care of.5) 2 days after my interview, I was offered the the Bronx VAwhich pays the $8000 more a year! I have accepted the position and start officially on September 11th. My boss at Mount Sinai was not too pleased,but that's his problem. He wasn't paying me enough and wasn't straightforward about the patient contact in the position. The position at the Bronx is a clinical research coordinator position and I'll be doingneuropsychological tests on schizophrenic patients as well as performingother tasks. For those of you who know my obsession w/ psychology, this job is right up my alley and I can't wait! My last day at the Sinai is Sept6th.So perhaps this email isn't quite as funny or eventful as the others, butit has more depth to it, wouldn't you say? I have gone through periods of nervousness due to all the newness of this place but am finally seeing theclouds clear and am feeling quite comfortable in New York. It feels nice.Scott is doing well and he and I are great. He saw Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in Shakespeare's Mother Courage last night. He said Meryl wasamazing. Well duh. Feel free to w/b and let me know whats happening withyou! And hope to see some of you the 26th to the 31st. For those of you who don't know, I'll be home for my sister's wedding and she is marryingher soul mate Steve Baker. I'm very happy for them and can't wait to be hermaid of honor. Love you all,Lauren p.s. Char and Jack, will you show this to the holter ladies and also, Jackwill you get me Sharons email address? I can't remember it even though mymom gave it to me. Much love you guys! I miss ANW!