Saturday, August 25, 2007

Reading Material: Damn Pigeons...

First of all, for all your non-New Yorkers, this map will permenently be a the bottom of my blog and you can refer to it whenever you'd like to know where the heck I'm talking about. And just FYI: I live at the top left of the Upper West Side. Columbia is in Morningside Heights. Scott and I have considered looking for an apt next year in the East Village (where NYU also is...or is that Noho? Or Greenwich?? Whatever. It's nearby). Midtown/the theater district is where Time Square is (for all you TRL fans...I know you're out there). Feel free to shoot me any questions about it and I'll do my best to give you some answers with all my modest NY knowledge.

Now here is some reading material which I found interesting, and I thought you might too!

Pigeons: I knew there was a reason I hated these birds...check it out

Fascinating stuff about the future of MRIs and their possible involvement in treating chronic pain, addictions, depression, etc...I know you all are interested in such things.

For those of you who LOVE your Louis Vuitton and Coach (
GUILTY AS CHARGED)...perhaps I should begin to rethink....I love this article...and its just a REVIEW of the book!.

Speaking of weath, this makes me sick...but again, culturally fascinating!

Any (sort of) serious news sources actual referal to the word Frenemy is worth posting.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Isabelle: The Party Animal

Cutest picture ever of my friend Hannah's pug New Yorkers sure know how to party...or at least our dogs do. :)

Money can buy....

She must have a great lawyer.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Gallavanting and CBGBs...

I didn't know quite how to share this story by writing but when I told it verbally to AL and AB, they couldn't believe I hadn't yet posted I will do my best with what verbal skills I have.

The other day when I was walking home from the subway at W103rd and Broadway, I noticed a man gallivanting in front of me. I don't really know what gallivanting means, but its really the only word I can think to use to describe the type of action this man was performing. Basically, picture a chicken walking around, pecking the air...on drugs...that's what he reminded me of. Anyways, I see this man walk up to a group of people at an outdoor patio at Cafe du Soleil, a nice French restaurant near my apartment. I think, maybe he knows him and is going to say hi. But no, he walks up to the table and spits a piece of candy (think like a gummy life saver) out of his mouth and begins to laugh hysterically and runs off. The people look shocked. What a nut. He proceeds to do this again at Carne, another restaurant near us on 105th and Broadway. I have to pass this man to get home and I am praying he does not turn around and spit something at me. Meanwhile, while he's walking, he's laughing like a doofy hyena and looks stoned out of his mind. I finally pass him and turn the corner towards my apartment. I glance back just once to see him flapping his wings while running across the street to yet another table at another restaurant. Who are these crazy people?!

Speaking of drug, when Scott and I were in the East Village (which happens to be where we're considering moving next year) before his play on Sunday we walked by the building where CBGBs used to be (famous punk bar for all those who are not hip on pop culture). We saw a man in what Scott called a "heroin stupor". He honestly looked like someone from the book/movie Awakenings, compeltely paralyzed in this awkward, bent over position, long, rocker hair hanging down over his face. It was mildly frightening. Interesting thing was that when we walked past him again about 15 minutes after the first time, he was in about the same position except facing a different direction. Really...JUST SAY NO kids. Scott joked that the man was reliving his CBGB days. Sad sad sad.

(Pic of an actual catatonic man from

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another account of the poop Hannah

This comment was posted by Amelia and my coworker, Hannah (also from Minnesota. WOOT WOOT!). I thought many people would be entertained by another perspective on the disturbing poop river event, so enjoy Hannah's take on the incident.

Hannah's account:
"I too was shocked when I saw what was transcibing at my feet. I yelled at the janitors, as they seemed to be skirting the problem, to keep coming our way. I suppose they were a bit beyond what to do at the moment with a mere floor buffer at their command. Awaiting backup and panic mounting, two gentlemen in the office across from mine attempted to exit the office. The first one teetered, and slipped but didn't fall. Phew!! Too much stress!! I was yelling at them to stop trying to get out! I tried to keep my door closed and continue working. But the odor was just too acrid. I kept opening the door to see any progress. Finally one of the doctors came out and had to see patients, as did I; we had to get out!! Around the corner finally walks a man very slowly pushing a wheel chair. We were saved! I gathered all my belongings that I would need for the rest of the day and was pushed through that poop river. Thanks to that nice man with the wheelchair."

Doctors are brilliant....

I loved this article from about knowing when its time to fire your doctor. Funny thing is I experienced many of these things with each of the orthopedic surgeons I saw. All I have to say is: YOU'RE FIRED DR.HAAR!!

Speaking of doctors, I have been playing assistant to the psychiatrist who is the head of our department (the MIRECC) while his usual assistant is on vacation. However, he is also on vacation armed only with his blackberry so he calls at least once a day and sends me emails of documents to print out and fed ex to him. (Apparently the man can't take a REAL vacation). Yesterday, I received an email from him with a link to a document of some guidelines for a certain kind of research project. He asked me to print out the "main points" of this document. However, this document was 73 PAGES! Print out the main points...that would be our director in a


Monday, August 13, 2007

New York Happenings: Volume XIII

Happy August everyone,

This version of NYH is a bit late as I was in Mn for the beginning of August and catching up with New York City ever since my return on August 6th. I was surprised to find I had to readjust to life in the city after only being gone about 10 days. However, the adjustment was quicker than my prior returns. So for all of you who have been waiting in suspense for this volume of NYH to come out, here you are! As some of you also know, I have been updating my New York Happenings blog quite frequently. Last weeks entries included the debacle that resulted in just about every subway in the city being shut down due to flooding. Check it out here:

Also, if you'd like to be a subscriber, (I'm happy to say I have about 20 now), please just reply to this email and indicate this. This means you'll receive an email for each day I update my blog (which is usually 3-4 times a week). If not, I'll try to keep you updated through this trusty newsletter.

Summer has flown by here in NY and it has been HOT AND STICKY. Minnesota was actually a relief when I was home from July 26th-August 6th. The weather was comfortable and beautiful except of course the day of my dad's 60th birthday party (oh sorry...20th anniversary of his 40th birthday) which was a little wet, but not awful. Nothing the Bachnicks and company couldn't handle. The party was great and also marked the end of my Dad's chemo treatment for colon cancer (which was actually on my birthday 8/1...what a gift :) ). Pics of this celebration can be found with this link:
Another event that took place while I was home was the collapse of the 35W bridge across the Mississippi River. That happened on my birthday which was quite the damper to the evening though I was glad I was there when it happened as I felt like I was part of my old community during the tragedy. And for those of you wondering, I haven't known of anyone yet who personally lost anyone or was injured during the collase.

Since returning to NY, I have caught up with my good friends at the VA and was there to comfort one of them during a flood of "poop water" from the mens bathroom on her floor into her (carpeted office). She was nice enough to do a guest blog for me so check out this story if you want a good laugh:
I also was given a diagnosis (other than an ankle sprain) for why my ankle is STILL bothering me. Click on this link to learn about my sinus tarsi syndrome (super exciting medical stuff, I know).

I have finished 2 of my prereq classes for nusing school (Anatomy and Physiology 1 and Anthropological Views of Men and Women...which officially has made me disgusted with the excessive misogony that continues to plague most societies in today's world...the Anthropology class...not so much A&P) and will be starting Microbiology and Chemistry the week of August 27th. Yikes! I think micro will be good. I am not a chemistry fan however so hopefully I will make it through that.

I also have visits to NY from my sister and Steve from Sept 20-25th and then from my parents in November (9th-13th) to look forward to The rents will be coming in to see Scott's class thesis production which is an adaptation of Another Country by James Baldwin. Speaking of Scott, he had his new headshots taken by Chia Messina on Friday and they liked him and his look so much, they asked him to come back this week to take some shots as a prototype for 2 characters they're creating for a children's cooking show. He's not getting paid but #1 he is getting a possible job opportunity, or at least the chance to be seen and #2 A well-known NY photographer thought he stood out from the other actors she sees as someone who could fit multiple characters. These are good signs! We'll keep you updated on his future stardom.

I'm off to work on some IRB continuing reviews (thrilling). Enjoy the end of summer and maybe I'll have some more eventful stories for the next letter. But really..check the blog! Some entertaining stuff takes place there. Much love all,


Introducing....Sadie Grace Maderak

Please give a warm welcome to my newest cousin and the latest addition to the Maderak family (my mom's side), Sadie Grace!! Born in Nebraska to John and Kathy Maderak on 8/7/07 . Love to John and Kathy and of course Ashley, Amanda and Malorie (the big sisters 3).

Friday, August 10, 2007

There is a reason for this madness...

My stupid ankle problem has finally been given a name! (And I have been given a steroid injection to try to help it). Check out this article on sinus tarsi syndrome to understand why I've been in pain for the last 3 months:

Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

The most important lesson I've learned from this incident is that orthopedic surgeons are overrated....AND they dont give you enough time or attention to actually know what's wrong with you. Thank God for my old primary care doctor (Saint Pamela Cain) and my podiatrist!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Minnesota Trip Archive

These are the pics I chose to share with my loyal readers (or those random people who choose to look at this site because it's about New York) and friends from my trip home to Mn from 7/26-8/6. Hope you enjoy!

Jackie and Eric's Wedding: 7/28/07

After much scrutiny over the dress, the shoes and the jewelry for this black-tie optional affair this was the outfit I came up with. (The boot came on later...)

A great pic of Scott and I taken by his mom. Man does he look good in a tux!

The bride in the Conga line! (I accidentally left the dark setting on my camera when I took this pic but I thought it came out quite firey for a conga picture!)

Scott's sister, Heather, and brother-in-law, Travis (Parents of Zobert!)

That is one sexy boot if you ask me! Boot-e-licious!!

Sco and Lo

Scott and I had a photo shoot at the end of the night because my ankle was sore. These were our surprised faces (though Scott says I just look like I'm on drugs...I disagree.)

The Wedding Brunch (morning following the wedding):

Awww....a nice pic of Scott's parents Judy and Steve

Zoe makes an appearance!!!

The Richins Family

Scott, me and Scott's Grandma Sharon

A visit to Zoe's house!

Zoe with her playdough worm

How can you resist that face??

Zoe, the croc super model!!

My Birthday: Dinner at Salut and cookies at home...PERFECT!

Dad, Mom and brother-in-law, Steve

Erin, Scott and sister and I are 100% biologically related. Shut up. I know she has a better tan.

Erin wanted to order the "Desperate Housewives Martini". It came in a "World's Best Mom" mug and tasted quite good! Love it.

The Gang's all here.

This is a picture of me with my gift bag which lit up and sang happy birthday to me when you pressed a button. No joke! It was amazing!

Ohh...who bought Lauren this smart birthday present?? (Not Erin.)

Can I please tell you how many pictures we had to take to get an "acceptable" one of Erin and Steve? Like 85.

After a day at the beach:

I developed some sort of rash on my foot after sunbathing and swimming in Shady Oak Lake....myterious..and itchy...and hot. Yum.

This is officially my favorite sun burn ever...who knew I was so artistic??

Thanks Erin...I get it...I'm burnt. (And so are you...MWAAAHAHAHAHA)

El trio de Bachnick...donde esta mi mama??

This is my cute cousin Haley. She'll be glad she made the page. :)

One last visit to Zoe:

La preciosa!

Someone found out how fun Unkie Scott's guitar can be! Oh oh!!

Zoe was being Miss Independent and didn't want to sit on my lap to take a picture with me before I left. This is the best we could get...I suppose I'll take it. Oh the cuteness!

My Dad's 20th Annivarsary of his 40th Birthday/End of Chemo Party: (Somehow there are no pics of my dad on my camera from this party...weird....cause I know he was there):Steve, Grandpa Joe (from Kansas City, Kansas), Erin and me...and a few of my chins. Blech.

Bruce Kluckholn, me and Sarah, the baby who spit up on me who was too darn cute to stay mad at.

Ok really, all your questions about whether we're actually sisters are getting on my nerves. I like being the pale one ok???

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

When it pours....

The people in this picture were gonna keep waiting...

This morning I awoke to a call from my friend Amelia (yes, the notorious poop story Amelia), who left a message saying that the number 4 train (on the East side wasn't running. She was nice enough to inform me of this as I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment for my ankle at 10am on the lower east side. A few text messages later, I discover (and to New Yorkers, this an emergency) THE SUBWAYS WEREN'T RUNNING...basically anywhere. Apparently due to a heavy rain storm (that occured while I was sleeping...I missed it compeltely) the subway was flooded and trains were unable to run. If they were running, they took a reported 45 minutes to go 3 stops (usually on a local train that takes less than 5 minutes). Amelia by the way was the one with the "shitty" day yesterday (sorry AB, couldn't resist...such a multitude of shit puns for this experience), but today, the majority of New Yorkers were having a bad day too! I tried to explain this terrible predicament to my Minnesota family members, none of whom seemed to understand...but picture this all you suburbanites:

It is a Wednesday and its time for you to hop in your car and sit in rush hour traffic and go to work. However your car isn't working...nor are about 65-70% of the cars normally running. Try to picture all of those people with broken down cars trying to fit into the remaining 30% of cars. That was the bus situation....below is a picture of the bus I FINALLY got on (because I got it at the first stop) after only 2 stops.

To make matters worse, it was (and still is) disgustingly hot outside. I finally made my way over to Mount Sinai (again on the trusty M96) to take a shuttle bus up that runs from Sinai to the Bronx VA (there was no way I was making it to the lower east side for my MD appt). I got there with about an hour to wait until the next shuttle came so I went into the building I used to work in cause I know they blast the AC. Just look at the windows...that's condensation from the air conditioning!!!

Disgusting. I saw a man in a white button up dress shirt walk in looking like he had run through some sprinkers. There was about 1 dry spot on his shirt. He was soaked.

Gotta love the summer in the city...Here's to better luck next week! (We've already decided this week has gone to shit...ha!)

Poop....river...wider than a mile....(Guest blogger: Amelia)

By Amelia:

Where do I begin with the chain of events that have come to be my life...let just say a black cloud is currently still hovering over my head. I will sum up the last two days as best as I it goes.

DAY 1:

My Tuesday began trapped in my office.....I was sitting here working and I hear a social worker screaming in the hall...mind you I am in the Psychiatic Department so this could mean a number of things..I walk out expecting to see a patient having some sort of hallucination but instead I walk right out into a poop river...yes that's right a poop river. The men's bathroom and its contents began to flow down the hall..and when I say flow- I mean current and does one respond to a poop river, you may be asking yourself? Well...first- was the social worker's response, as she remained standing with her hands on her head shouting

"Oh my God, Oh my God it is going into my office!"

I stood there for a good 30 seconds registering what I was witnessing and then my instincts kicked in.

"This is a poop river", I said to myself "and its headed your way".

I then ran toward my office letting the nurse next to me know what was occurring...I think I just yelled "poop river!" and some how she knew just what to do... she grabbed some bed pads and tossed one to me to block my door with. So there I was barricaded in my office..with the door shut..awaiting to see if the poop river would overcome my blockade and slip through the crack in the door...and sure as sh$t (no pun intended) it did! And there I was trapped...with no way out. So, being in 'survival mode" I decided to arm myself with a Lysol bottle and my oil diffuser (citrus cilantro will never smell the same) which it took everything in me not to just shove those damn reeds right up my nose. So there I was...for a good half hour..trapped. I began to feverishly write everyone trying to explain what was occurring as a desperate attempt to be saved..somehow.

Finally...I hear Hannah (office diagonal to me) shouting at the cleaning keep up there morale I'm guessing so they didn't run the other way. So they vacuumed the river...and it finally reached a point where I could attempt my escape. I now fondly refer to as Escape from Poop River. One of the housekeepers kindly sees me attempting to keep my balance on the slick floor and comes over to offer me his he escorts me down the hall...waddling the whole way. Needless to say, I am still working through the trauma...I don't know if I will ever be the same.

Day 2 to follow...just when you think the madness was over

Caption: This is a box from the room next to Amelia's which also was bombarded with poop water. Yes...that brown stuff is poop. Hot shit...literally....

Monday, August 6, 2007

The worst "one of those days"....ever...

Background Info:
a) I had been in Mn since July 26th and was scheduled to leave on a 10:45 flight on 8/6 out of MSP through Northwest Airlines. As my dad has just finished chemotherapy, he was scheduled to have his port taken out of his chest (a small surgical procedure) on this morning as well. Due to Bachnick stubborness from multiple sources, the decision is reached that I will be dropped off at the airport at 7:45 so my dad and mom can make my dad's appointment on time.
b) On 8/5, my mom gives me money to take a cab home because she knows the information in part c
c) As much as I like to go to different places, I hate the actual process of traveling more than anything
d) This may be TMI (too much info) but I am PMSing and tired from waking up at 6am

Disaster #1, part 1: I arrive at the NWA self-service check-in around 7:45 and ask the man at the desk if I can get a disability seat (remember...still have a sprained ankle). He says he can help me with that and then informs me I am booked for 2 flights. The one at 10:45 and one at 10:05 which has a layover in Indianapolis. Oh shoot, he realizes. This is because my original flight (10:45) was canceled. Looks like I'll have to make that trip to Indianapolis, but don't worry. I'll only get in "an hour and a half later". Annoyed, I remind him I'd like a disability seat (which he had forgotten), get my boarding pass and leave.

Disaster #1, part 2: I call Scott to have him look online at the exact times I'll be arriving in Indianapolis and then when I'll arrive in NY. He informs me that my flight that leaves at 10:05 gets into Indianapolis at 12:45. However, my connecting flight from Indianapolis doesn't leave until 3:35 meaning I'll get into NY at 5:45. The jerk at the self-service desk was incorrect. I don't get in an hour an a half later than I'm supposed to. I leave Indianapolis an hour an a half after i was originally supposed to arrive in NY. I will get in 3 and a half hours later. I am irrate and have to monitor my swearing due to a small child next to me.

Narrative detail A: After roaming around the airport and buying souvenieres for my 2 favorite ladies at the Bronx VA (AL and AB), I see a woman at the podium at my gate. Long story short, she gets me onto a flight leaving MSP at 1:12 but its non-stop and arrives in NY earlier than the Indianapolis connection would. NWA is full of geniuses. I resign to attempt to make this an enjoyable reading day as I am reading an excellent novel called the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (highly recommended!)
Narrative detail B: Please note that I got this flight switched BEFORE 9am. We will return to this.
Narrative detail C: I wait in the airport for 5 and a half hours before boarding my flight. I sit in a disability seat which is great for the leg room. However, the guy on my left has no concept of elbow space and the guy on my right's breath smells like diapers. I am nauseated. However, both guys end up being quite friendly and I decide perhaps my troubles are over. Oh no no...not so fast....

Disaster #2, part 1: I am speaking with the man whose breath I originally thought smelled like diapers (though I didn't notice it at this time so I could have been wrong) by the baggage claim. He is from Mn who does some sort of flooring (he had a meeting about rock flooring...that is all I know) and has a nephew who went to Columbia and I am chatting with him about Scott and what it takes to get into Columbia. He keeps making comments about how he hasn't seen his bag yet and I am kind of blowing off these comments because I thought he was just trying to be interesting. Lo and behold...the baggage has circulated and neither of us have our bags. I am internally irrate. I stand in line for about 15-20 minutes to set up a delivery of my bags to our apartment and I attempt with all of my newly developed assertiveness to calmly tell the lady helping me I am very upset with the service and what has happened to me today. She was the worst complaint taker ever as she just basically babbled over my talking trying to tell me that I hadn't answered her question about where my bags were supposed to go originally. I finish with this completely unhelpful lady by getting the number I can complain to (Customer Service) and tapping my new Minnesota friend on the shoulder and telling him good luck. An airport employee tells me to have a good night as I walk out of the luggage office. I ignore him, unkindly and get into a cab.

Narrative detail D: The cab driver is an older white man which is actually pretty uncommon in NY, most cab drivers being of some ethnicity other than caucasian. Besides being white, he is also pretty close to deaf. I have to tell him about 5 times before he leaves what street I live on. (W105th). "HUH? 125th you say??" No Mr. Needs-a-hearing-aid-or-cochlear-implant...W105th. Finally he gets it and we depart from LaGuardia.

Disaster #2, part 2: While sitting in an unexpected bit of traffic, I attempt to call the customer service number the NWA luggage employee gave me to complain while I am still feeling angry enough not to burst into tears. I call and once I get through the automated recording, far enough to be directed to the comments department, I am promptly informed that due to "high call volume", my call cannot be taken but if I want, I can be given other ways of delivering my complaint. I hang up and fight tears all the wy to the city.

Narrative detail E: The cab driver tells me after the toll that he has to go a different way than he normally does to get me home because the usualy way is under construction and will have a lot of traffic. I actually check out this information to make sure I'm not getting swindled, and sure enough, 125th street, the usual cross town street to my place from LGA is under construction. At least this guy is trust worthy.

Disaster #3: I have been eyeing the pay meter in the cab all trip. This price seems to be going up more quickly than last time. This is when I realize that the last time I went home was at 10 or 11 pm. This is 5:45pm. I am in traffic, plus the detour...I'm not going to make it home with enough money to pay this cab driver. My mom gave me $30 for the usually $25 trip and I only have one extra buck in my purse. Neither of us thought this cab ride would cost more. I've heard horror stories about not being able to pay a cab driver and being notorious for not carrying cash, I wonder if this driver would be kind enoujgh to let me dig change out of my "piggy bank" (actually a "money cat" I call Chin from China town). On the verge of a panic attack (not really but high anxiety present) I ask the driver to drop me off at 5th and 98th because I know the crosstown bus stops there from my days at Mount Sinai. He says, and I quote "WHAT?", though I don't realize this is what he said until he is about to pass up this corner. I have to tell him about 5 times I want to get out of the cab. "OH! YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND??" He asks me. "Yes." I say. And promptly pay him all the money in my purse and get out of the cab. I stand on the corner of 5th and 98th waiting for the M96 bus, and who do I call? My mom. And my tears I've been holding in start coming though not at the rate they want to so I still keep my composure somewhat. The bus comes. It was the best transportation experience of my day. I got off at 96th and Broadway, thinking I can catch the M104 up to W 104th. However, it is not in sight and I am ready to get home. I limp my way (sprained ankle and all) up the 9 blocks and over 2 to my apartment.

Narrative detail F: I see a pile of bills on the couch when I enter. I open one fo be find I have been charged for 2 subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly instead of the 1 I requested as a gift for Scott for his birthday. I have had it. The tears start rolling. This incompetency has taken away my entire day. I finish off my day by watching True Hollywood Story on Hugh Hefner (actually quite interesting) and am relieved to see Scott walk in around 10:15.

UPDATE: This morning at 7:05, I received a call from some delivery service and I tell the man on the other line that he is my new best friend. He says its the best greeting he's heard all day. My bags will be delivered by noon, and while this will chip away at the few remaining leave hours I have from work, the sleep awaiting me now sounds pleasant. I believe today will be a bit more endurable than yesterday....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A grand celebration...

On August 1st (my bday) my brave father (pictured here from his days in the Navy) turned in his last chemo pack (i.e. finished his chemotherapy for colon cancer) after 6 months worth of treatment. And tomorrow, he will turn 60. And tonight, we celebrated. Still in Mn, we were surprised by some Kansas family members and Chicago family members, and joined by other close friends to celebrate this wonderful week. I only wish I had some pictures to post! The party started off with a bang when Bruce Kluckholn's 6-month-old daughter, Sarah, spit up on my blue H&M dress. She was I let it slide. Between her, my cousins Haley and Ellie, and my sister's friend's daughter McKenna (who by the way has honestly been mistaken for Dora the Explorer...awesome), I had my fill of small children.

We were also graced with the presence of one of the best women in the entire world, Pam Cain, my MD before I moved to NY and neighbor and mother of my good friend Meredith. Pam, the most caring MD ever, took a good half an hour to examine my ankle and to tell me that its not getting better because I have such flat feet. Hot, I know. So she has given me a magical little pad to put in my shoes (which she assures me will fit in heels if need be) to lift up my arch and place my ankle in the right position. She also advised me to continue to wrap it with medical tape for the next 6 months. That's a long time. But if I get my healthy ankle back, I will be perfectly happy wrapping it every day.

I also got to see Emily Swanson (Emily- this is your shout out!) who was originally friends with my sister but I consider her my friend as well too. She witnessed 18-month-old McKenna going crazy for my new orange cell phone. I swear, this phone has a strange effect on small children as my 6-year-old and 9-year-old cousins asked me about 100 times if they could text my sister with it. I had to put my foot down (softly!!)

In the end, after McKenna's mom Jill accidentally dropped a frosting-filled cake plate on my dress (rough night for the dress) and McKenna pulled out my dad's bag of medications out from his computer desk (don't worry..stopped her before she could get that Chantix [an anti-smoking drug]) everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Especially my dad and mom who always seem to put on quite the party and my sister who's Happy 40th Birthday decorations were a hit (long story Dad said he was celebrating his 20th anniversary of his 40th birthday because he is in denial that he's 60 years old). Another good night at the Bachnick house. Only thing missing was Scott who left Mn on Thursday. He was greatly missed by many, but especially yours truly.

Happy Sunday everyone. Let's hope this year is healthy and happy for all.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A tragic birthday

Well everyone, yesterday I turned 24. The day was nice and calm until about an hour before our dinner reservation when we got a phone call from a family friend who is a Minneapolis police detective telling us 35W had collapsed. We were stomach-sinkingly glued to the TV for the next 45 minutes. I haven't had much time to write since I've been home and this morning is no exception but I wanted people to know that my loved ones and I are ok and thus far haven't known anyone who was on the bridge at the time of the collapse. It definitly was definitly a dark turn of events and put a bit of a damper on the birthday celebration. But I will have more birthdays, and now, some other people will not. Please pray for the people of Minneapolis today as we are all in shock due to this local tragedy.

(Photos from