Thursday, July 22, 2010

Notes from the Challenge: 1

This year, my husband challenged me to read 50 books. I am currently reading my 29th book (War, by Sebastian Junger, non-fiction account of life with the troops in one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan.) Having read so many books this year, I am filled with connections between books and current events, and would like to share those on my blog. I will call these posts "Notes from the Challenge". Here goes:

Having been a Lindsay Lohan fan during her Mean Girls days, I have been fascinated with her downfall, and I've watched her life turn into a trainwreck via and other media outlets with fascination. I was interested in this post on about looking for hidden signs that your child has problems with addiction. It really hit a note with me as I recently read Imperfect Birds, Anne Lamott's new novel about a small, non-traditional family in California. The family discovers that Rosie, the sole, teenage daughter of Elizabeth and her husband, James, has been traveling down a dangerous road. Rosie's consistent lies have successfully covered up her substance abuse issues for a while, but Rosie's world starts to unravel, as she gets deeper into drug culture. Much to Elizabeth's surprise and dismay (Elizabeth is a recovering alcoholic herself) Rosie's in way over her head, and it takes family (nuclear and otherwise), to address this issue. A recommended read on an always relevant issue.

I'm back!

It's been almost a year since my last post, and I've been feeling my creative juices beginning to flow lately so I've decided to take up my blog again!

An update for those of you who I haven't spoken to recently:
I am a registered RN. I work the night shift on a cardiac floor at a world-reknown NYC hospital. I've worked here for 9 months. I hate working the night shift.

I have been married for almost 1 year to my lovely husband Scott. We live in Washington Heights in Manhattan.

Scott is an actor. He is currently working days in a theater management office in Times Square, and evenings bartending at Mamma Mia (the broadway musical.) He hates working this much, but it is only temporary. This April, Scott joined Actor's Equity Association (aka AEA, the acting union which is a HUGE accomplishment and very difficult to become a part of, especially during these difficult economic times.) More good news is that Scott is signing with the agent he has been free-lancing for the last 2 years in the coming weeks. We are thrilled!

I am going to become a biological Auntie within the next few weeks! My sister, Erin, who resides in Vadnais Heights, Mn, is expecting a girl anytime now! Of note, I am already an auntie by marriage to my wonderful niece Zoe (age 4 1/2) and nephew Tyler (age 2).

More exciting posts to come. :) Happy to be back!