Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New York Happenings, November 2007 Edition

To my friends and family,

Some advice: Never take 8.5 credits of science classes while working full time and inviting your parents and your boyfriends parents to visit on successive weekends while your boyfriend performs in his thesis production which is a 3 hour long, deep play about sex and racial diversity in NY in the early 1960s.

That basically sums up the last month of my life and may I add that I had a microbiology and a chemistry test while my parents were in town?? I am exhausted!! Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! I am thankful for not having to work and getting to sleep in tomorrow! Not much else has been going on around here. Scott's thesis production was a great success! And my dad stayed awake through the whole thing (unlike during Phantom which my mom and him also saw while they were here.) My parents visit was great but felt short as I had to study and attend class a lot of the time they were here. So basically, I saw them for meals (but they were some darn good ones!)

A few interesting citings of the last month include: 1) A 65+ year old woman with a walker and a labrae piercing. (See pic). I definitely did a double take.2) A guy on the subway who wore a kipa (we've discussed what these are before my Catholic family members), but the kipa was specially made to with a "Geek Squad" symbol on it. What a geek. (Scott's joke).3) My crush from Legally Blonde the Musical (which my friend Amelia and I saw on Halloween and oh how we wish Amy L. could have joined us!!), Christian Borle, standing next to me on the subway (I LOVED this musical. I recommend everyone watch it on MTV tomorrow because they're playing it there.) And Christian Borle happens to look a lot like Scott when he's acting...go figure. Of course I was too shy to say anything to him so I didn't get confirmation but I'm like 95% sure that it was him...even though my coworkers think that I'm crazy because I claim to see so many celebrities. They're all over the place here! I swear!

In terms of the Broadway stagehand strke, my parents lucked out and saw the last show of the Phantom of the Opera before the strike. But Scott, his family and I weren't so lucky. We missed multiple shows because of the strike though his family got to see Xanadu. In an attempt to get all of you to visit my blog ( I am going to post pics from my parents visit up there as its much easier to put them there than to add them to an email. So visit soon!

Happy Turkey Day,

p.s. Scott and I will not be having turkey this Thanksgiving…we will be having family style Italian with 2 of his classmates at Carmines on 91 st and Bway. Can't wait!

A visit from the rents....

I apologize for being such a bad blogger! Here are pics from my parent's visit from 11/9-11/13/07. Enjoy! (P.S. The pics are so good because they were all taken by my professional photographer of a father).
Aww...34 years of marriage and they still look cute together in central park!
Looking at prints of my dad's photoshopping while he takes pics of us...interesting.
This is the front door to our apartment....although this pic makes it look a lot cuter than it really is. Scott and I love this one!

My parents came up to visit the VA where I work and my dad found our office manager's desk (Mary...who I love) to be a great photo-op. She swears her house doesn't look anything like this!

Mmmm...dirty subway New York.

My mom being cute at MOMA. She is my dad's favorite model.

The globe in columbus circle never looked so pretty!

A great random Taxi shot.

This is an uplifting old cemetary near ground zero.

Does anyone else think this photo is moderately reminscent of the "Top Guy" photo? Only my dad's co-model is not as cute as the other girl

My dad and Katrin Eismann who wrote a book he likes about Photoshop. We had lunch with her and she was very nice. They tried to keep the shop talk (photo shop that is) to a minimum....and they sort of succeeded.

I don't know where this is but its cute so I'm including it.

Doesn't this pic look like it should include her throwing up a beret like Mary Tyler Moore?

Awww, how cute. Scott and I at NYU. I love this one.