Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Volume 7: December 06

Dear all,

How the time has flown. I sit here in my dad's office in my Minnesota house, realizing I've resided in the crazy city of New York for 7 months. Does that mean I should be adjusted? I'll be leaving MN tomorrow which is always tough for me. New York sure isn't home yet. Though I'm working on it. Some days, I feel fine as can be. I have a good job, an amazing boyfriend, believe it or not I have friends in NY now. But Minnesota will always have a large place in my heart. Plus, I've never lived more than 20 minutes away from my parents, and I'm a big baby and I miss them! As some of you know, it has been especially hard for me to be away lately as my dad had colon surgery on December 8th and took much longer to recuperate than expected. In fact, we didn't even know if he'd be home from the hospital in time for Christmas. Luckily he made it home Christmas eve, and though I know it's been tough on him to be up seeing our holiday guests, I think he knows that him being home was the best gift we could have asked for this Christmas. Please keep him and my family in your thoughts and prayers in the next few months, as my dad continues to receive treatments to bring him back to the healthy Dad that we know and love.

Alright...so I know this letter has started off being a bit more of a downer than usual. And don't you worry, I have a few interesting New York stories up my sleeve which I plan to share with you. It has just been a difficult couple of months for Scott and his family, as well as my family, in terms of our loved-ones health; and quite frankly, we can't be cheery and interesting all the time. Good thing we have each other. :) But on to crazy New York happenings:

1) A week or so after Thanksgiving, when the holiday spirit rightly began to rear it's head in NY (as opposed to after Halloween which is just ridiculous), I stood in the subway station, attempting to read before the 1 train came for my morning commute. Across the tracks, on the downtown side, were many people, including parents and their children, probably on their way to day care, school and work. Sitting on the bench sat a man, presumably homeless, reading a newspaper. I was drawn away from my reading when the man announced in a loud voice "Huh, well look at that. I can't believe it. SANTA CLAUS DIED! No Christmas this year!" Oy. Naturally, I rolled my eyes. The ranting of the mentally ill are not unusual in New York, and if you ignore them, they often stop. However, apparently this guy was feeling especially crazy this day as he didn't stop here. "Did you hear that everyone?!?!" He screamed. "Santa Clause died! Ah ha ha ha! No Christmas! He'd dead!" This man continued his ranting and raving about the supposed death of Jolly Old St Nick for a couple of minutes until the downtown sub came. The arrival of the train, however, did not prevent many parents from having to comfort their young children, including the man and his daughter who were sitting on the bench next to the raving man. Even after the dad moved off the bench with his daughter (no older than 4), she continued to stare in frightened disbelief at the claims of this guy. A funny thing about this story, is that down the bench from Mr.I'm-going-to-announce-the-death--of-Santa-Claus-in-front-of-young-children-a-month-before-Christmas, sat an older man, homeless, who I'd seen many times. And while homeless, and quite frankly a bit dirty, there sat a rotund man with long white hair and a white beard, snoozing at the end of the bench. My nick-name for him before this incident was Santa Claus...but apparently not many parents want to point out to their children a possible Santa Claus who lives in the subway station. Typical New York craziness.

2) The other substantially interesting story happened just a few days before I came home for Christmas. I decided that I should buy some of my new friends some slippers from Old Navy for a nice (yet cheap...because I'm poor) little Christmas present. Yes...I'm trying to buy their friendship....JK.... Anyways, as W125th street is on my way home from work, I decided to try the Harlem Old Navy. Word was that there was a Marshall's right next to it, and I could always do a little browsing (yes...BROWSING) for myself after being kind and generous to my friends. After getting off the sub at 125th, I hopped on the M60 in order to go east to Old Navy. As the bus sat at a stop sign, I looked out the window and saw a man in a strange, yet familar military uniform. I also saw a woman carrying a red, green and black flag, and I saw some people making signs, as if it were there for a protest. Man, I thought to myself, that sure looks like the black panther get-ups they used to wear. I wonder if red, green and black are the black panther colors. Naturally, right before the bus began to move again, I glanced to the left of these protesters and realized, this was my stop. Old Navy was right to the left of the group. Great. BUT, I thought I saw some police officers trying to move the protest further down the street so I figured I'd be ok. I got off at the next stop and headed toward the store. Unfortunately, the protest had only moved right IN FRONT of the Old Navy store, and Lauren, being the street smart girl she is, decided to go on in. I didn't even know what they were protesting. Why would I be against Old Navy? They have great quality clothes for absolutely decent prices. As I started to walk in, a guy took my by the arm (not violently or anything), and said, "You can't go in there. Theres a nation wide boycott on Old Navy." Guys...I really needed to get these Christmas presents. Boycott or not, I was determined to get what I came for. So I told the guy sorry and kept walking. He continued to try to convince me not to go in until he finally gave up and just handed me a flier. As I got into the familiar cement floored setting of Old Navy (and didn't see the slippers I came for), I glanced at the sheet and saw the headline, "50 shots/50 days", or something along those lines. This protest was to promote the "New Black Panther Party" boycott against white businesses due to an unarmed? black man being shot 50 times in Queens the night before his wedding. White businesses were supposed to be boycotted for 50 days. This was supposedly to stop "police terrorism". I'm not sure I understand the logic in this. And there was a silent protest in Herald Square the weekend before, which included members of the NAACP. For some reason, the New Black Panther Party was just a little bit more intimidating than the NAACP in this case. I got my tail out of there once I realized that I had just walked right through a black panther protest. I just made sure I saw some cops by the exit before I left. I still have the flier if anyone is interested in seeing it. Crazy. And yes, I am a genius for going in. I know.

Those are the big NY events of late. Some other fun tidbits include the fact that Christmas trees are sold right on the side walk, often outside of little bodegas on the street. This made the city feel quite festive, and man, did it smell good walking to the subway at 103rd as there were 2 stands on my way. What else? Oh, I got yelled at by a man for walking across the street at a walk signal and not "watching the cars" coming at me. I don't know. New Yorkers are not all bad. But if intereact with the wrong one, its bad news. I also think I saw Cynthia Nixon walking near Columbus Circle. Does anyone know if she lives near there? That would be my 2nd celebrity sighting, my first being Ethan Hawke near Lincoln Center about 2 months ago.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever it was (Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Christmaka, Kwanzakah, Hannukakwanza, Christmkwanzukah). And I hope this email was more entertaining than it was sombering. But no worries. Us Bachnicks perservere. We are confident we will get through this difficult time and my dad's health will return. Much love to all. Have a fabulous New Year. Love to all, Lauren

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Volume 6: November 06

Hello friends,

It has been made known to me that I haven't sent out a New York Happenings edition for a while....so I thought to give you some cheer before this Thanksgiving weekend, I'd write to tell you about my exciting New York life. Ok...if not cheer, entertainment?

First things first. I know each one of you has been dying to find out the answer to the burning question: HOW DO NEW YORK CHILDREN TRICK OR TREAT?!? Or I suppose some of you even wonder if there are children in New York. (Believe it or not there are a lot!!) As for trick-or-treating, now get this....the kids go from store to store to get candy! Forget houses! (There are none here anyways). You wouldn't believe the streets! Filled with miniature Minnie Mouses, super heros, princesses. I even saw a miniature elmo, and he was carrying an elmo candy bucket as well. This pleased me quite a bit. At first I thought it was deja vu but I came to my senses. The kids parents even dress up as they walk along the street with them (and I'm talking Broadway here)...lots of time matching their kids or carrying on a theme (Think seeing a small Harry Potter and a life sized Dumbledore). I was enjoying these refreshing festivities when I witnessed a travesty to our times....there were dogs dressed up for halloween....Here are my thoughts on that: Unless the dog is a teeny-tiny chiuaua without any fir and its below zero outside, dogs are not supposed to wear clothes. YOu might think its cute to dress them in plaid jackets or gap hoodies or raincoats (come on people, I don't even have my own raincoat)...but how do you think the dog feels? Ridiculous! That's how! Dogs are not meant to wear clothes. However, many people (ESPECIALLY New Yorkers) disregard this fact and dress their poor pups like children. Also, despite my dislike for dressing up dogs, I'm gonna have to shamefully admit that some of the halloween dogs were pretty darn cute. I saw a dog dressed as a bat, a dog dressed as a dog (don't ask), a weiner dog dressed as a hot dog, and my personal favorite, a little terrier dressed as a bee....however this little bee was pooping on the sidewalk like I've never seen a bee poop before.

So that was Halloween, during which I was not distributing candy to little kids (because kids don't trick-or-treat in apartment buildings or anything), I was at choir. Yes folks, you heard me right. I've joined a choir. It's called the New York Cantata singers and its the professional group of the Choral Symphony Society. My director is over 90 years of age which may explain why I got into the professional group instead of the community group....you know...hearing loss? Not really. He doesn't have hearing loss though he is legally blind due to macular degeneration, but he does well with what he can see and I'm enjoying my group. Our first concert (that I'm performing in) is on December 3rd and we're singing Bch's Christmas Oratorio (yes...the WHOLE thing...its LONG and HARD but BEAUTIFUL!!). If any of you will be in the NYC area that day, let me know because I have to sell 10 tickets and I barely know more than 10 people outside of work here. By the way, check us out on the web!http://www.choralsymphonysociety.org/ http://www.choralsymphonysociety.org/nycantata/index.html

Speaking of work, its going well (minus a little reaming out incident by my not-boss...ask if you must know). I've recruited 4 people with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder for my study and one is already enrolled. We started doing our cognitive testing this week. I'm also being trained in EKGs and phlebotomy (although I've already been trained in both, boo to federal governement beaurocracy) so that I can perform these things on my research patients. I've also met a lot of very nice people! it's a much more welcoming place than my department at Mount Sinai, and I enjoy it.

To end this email off with a last bit of cheer, let me relate to you a story of a whipe out I made just this morning. Some of you may not know this but quite a few subway stops in NY are actually above ground (as in a good 20-30 feet above ground.) This morning, while walking down the stairs from one of these such stops, looking swanky as ever, the heel of my boot got caught in the cuff of my pants and I tripped forward, beginning to fall down this steep mountain of bumpy metal. Luckily, I caught myself on the railing and held on tight, but the momentum I had started kept me going until I had swung around (looking UP the stairs) and landed my knees on the edge of two different stairs...and then slid down one or two more. To be honest ladies and gents, this hurt my pride more than it hurt my now sore and bruised knees. But I'm sure I'll get over it. It had to happen at one point in time or another.

I know I'm leaving lots of things out like my fun experiences with my friend Mary who came to visit a couple weeks ago and stayed in the worst hostel in the world (and she would know!). But the time has come for me to wish you all have a tremendous holiday, and if you want to hear one of Scott's good stories, ask him about the barking man on the church steps. Happy Holidays you all.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Volume 5: October 06

To my friends and neighbors,

Nope...thats a lie. Not friends with any of my neighbors other than theone who walks his irish wolfhound (a HUGE dog...almost goes up to myhip!) down the street in the evening. His dog is named McGee and is the sweetest puppy ever.

*See 1st attachment...another Irish Wolfhound. Anyways, McGee's owner always waves at me when he sees me which makes mefeel like part of the neighborhood, despite the fact that I only knowhim and Scott, and our neighbor Tikao, an asian man in his early 60s whobasically is our gardener on W105th. We're convinced he eaves drops onour conversations but I don't think we have any proof....And so here I am again my friends. Writing you from the exciting and STRANGE city ofNew York! I have begun to settle in to my new job (w/ a few bumps alongthe way) and am enjoying it thoroughly! I have 2 great friends out here, Erica (best shopping partner in NYC, Lindsey is best in Mn) and Ben (my dinner mate when Scott has rehearsals), and a wonderfulboyfriend who is caring, sweet and nutty, just like me. Here are someof the events of the past month,

1) The first, and most shocking event of the past month took place in abar called "Vintage" near Columbus Circle. We went out for happy hourwith Scott's classmates and were having a jolly old time when ourwaitress said the unthinkable to me: "You know, you look a lot like AnnaPaquin...ARE you Anna Paquin?" *HALT!* I was JUST mistaken for acelebrity in New York. I must be hot. Jk. But I was quite flatteredthough I explained to the waitress I thought Anna Paquin was quite a bitskinnier than me. For those of you who don't who Anna Paquin is, she isknown for winning an oscar for best supporting actress at around age7?....and playing Rogue, my favorite super hero in the X-Men movies.See picture attached for comparison.... Now...if you disagree with this kind waitress, please don't tell me,because she's not the first to say I resemble Anna Paquin, and I quitelike to think I do...so keep your opinions to yourself. *wink* Moving on....

2) The same night as that waitress's "celebrity" encounter, Scott and Ifollowed his classmates to the apartment of one of his classmates, a definite Anson Mount Look-Alike. Hisapartment was BEAUTIFUL including 2 stories and a patio out back.Apparently though, those Columbia students are just too rowdy becauseafter being there for about an hour and a half, who should we see on thetop step of the patio but a "friend" NYPD officer shouting about howdisrespectful we were and how this was "NOT" a house party.  Scott's classmate and his roommate James calmly stepped up to the plate and weedled their way out of a ticket, getting only a warning....and Scott and I, along with his classmate Maury and his wife, snuck out the front door, down the hall and onto 59thStreet....the last time I ran from the cops was my freshman year incollege at a house party at the Univeristy of Minnesota....apparently,cops in NY are no less tolerant of us young folk.

3)This story coorelates with the last photo attachment on thisemail....the walker....Take a look at the picture and use your spatialcognition skills to picture pushing the walker forward so it falls ontoits front. Got this picture in your head? Walker laying on it's frontside? That would be how we saw an old lady using her walker whenwalking back from the grocery store one evening. And no, she didn'tlook comfortable. My first inkling was to stop and help her correct thewalker's position, but having been a 5-month experienced New Yorker, Idecided to let it slide while noting to Scott that the lady was usingher walker incorrectly. A few minutes later we heard someone screamingbehind us "Get off! Get off!" Who was it but this crotchety (and crazy?)old lady trying to fend off a nice young gentlement trying to help herresituate her walker. About a week later, I saw the lady again, walkerincorrectly postured and all, and yelling at someone to "MIND THEIR OWNBUSINESS!" Apparently she's quite sensitive. WHat a nut.

4) My job has been a good experience...and an interesting one in itself.To remind you all, I am a clinical research coordinator working for theMental Illness Research and Education CLinical Center (AKA MIRECC) at the Bronx VA Hospital. I am a federal employee which means I had towash my hands, dry them, get them wet again, and submit my fingerprintson an electronic finger print gatherer (probably not the official title)to the guys at Washington. I can never do anything wrong again....they'll know who I am. ;) That'snot the only interesting thing. Apart from walking through a metaldetector everyday when I get to work (well...it is the BRonx!), I see aslimey smiling picture of our good old president, George W Bush. Now,for those of you who know my liberal political beliefs (and sorry to myfamily members who I know don't approve of them), this is hilarious. I walk into work and see a snarling picture of the person in this world Idislike the most. Who would have thunk. Another LESS funny experienceat work, which basically knocked the wind out of me, was when I turnedin the hours I had work before I was an official federal employee for mybackpay. THe administrator in my department asked me where I had comeup with that number for the hourly rate and I explained its what Ithought we had talked about in the interview and what was posted on theadvertisement online. Remember friends, I left my prior job for those"HUGE" pay increase...but oh no, the advertisement was off...by $7500 ayear. Sick. Thats how I felt. As tears welled in my eyes, myadministrator tried to comfort me and get to the bottom of whose mistakeit was which is ended up being his....Luckily...they're good people I"mworking for....(And they also realize I could take legal action againstthem for false advertisement, etc)...and are making up the different tome from a different area. But, it was a bit scary for a while and NOTfun to think I had not had a pay check for 4 weeks and was only going tobe making 900 more than what I was making at Mount Sinai. Geesh! But noworries, it all worked out.

5) As some of you know, I have been traveling at least once a week onthe Long Island Rail Road (which is a nice little get away if you askme) to West Brentwood, New YOrk where sits Pilgrim Psychiatric Center,which was at one point in time one of the largest psychiatric facilitiesin the country. This place is so classic...very "One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest". I"llhave to take some pics for the next email since I won't be visitingthere much more. I go out there to learn how to administer theneurocognitive tests I'll be giving to the patients with schizophrenia.Anyways... back to the rail road. Last week, when I was on my way backfrom the asylum...(haha..its not really an asylum...but I hear it usedto be bad)...I moved part way through the ride into a car that I hopedwould be more quiet so I could sleep. About 20 minutes into my ride,the train stopped at Hicksville I think it was....and stayed there. Icouldn't figure out what was going on until I saw some nurses gatheredaround some seats about 6 rows in front of me and across the aisle, andthe train conducter standing out on the platform looking for something.As the EMTs arrived (ambulances), I overheard that someone had had aseizure on the train. Man did I want to get up and do something tohelp. But knew I had no idea what to do, and there were already peoplethere who could help. Anyways, they just wanted to take this boy, about18-19 years old, to the hospital to make sure he was ok after thisseizure, when the poor kid started seizing again! This time I heard himbecause I think he had been in the middle of talking when itstarted....and as the EMT took him from under the shoulders and draggedhim to the exit of the train he was still seizing and twitching his headback and forth.

Never a dull moment in NYC I tell you! I've applied to a school outhere also (CUNY Hunter) to take my prereqs for nursing school (fromwhich I plan to become a nurse and then a nurse practitioner), and willlet you know how that all works out. Scott and I are off right now toan offbroadway matinee! Hope all is well with all of you and I hope tohear from you all. Much love everyone, Lauren

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Volume 4: September 06

Hey guys,
Time for another fun-filled update from the city that never sleeps.
Actually New York does sleep! And they sleep late! I'm used to people
working from 7-3 or 8-4 in Mn but most people don't start here until 9:30.
And everything closes by 11 or 12. So either I'm using that cliche for the
wrong city (quite possible) or its a load of baloney.

I feel as if I am writing a Babysitter's Club book. I have to tell all the
readers each time to look at the bottom of this email to read prior editions
of my little news letter just like the author had to explain Kristy,
Claudia, Dawn, Mallery, etc in everybook and had to do it differently each
time. A little annoying if you read as many of those books as I did. To the
point, if you're new to this list, check out the earlier editions of this
email at the end of this one...just in case you need a good laugh.

Anyways, I'll begin with this past month's events.
1) I began work (though still not officially due to the slowness of the
federal government) at the Bronx VA. I was electronically fingerprinted by
this HR guy who many believe may have Aspberger's syndrome which is like a
mild form of autism. Not the biggest people person I've ever met. One
minute he's being jerky about my questions, the next minute he's taking
about how much he likes Minnesota and how his wife is from SD and then he's
being jerky again. Anyways, the federal goverment now has my prints so I
better not do anything bad after this.

2) I quit my job at Macys. Apparently I've made a hobby of quitting jobs
lately. The job at Macys was getting old pretty quickly, especially because
I'd work all week, sometimes 12 hour days, just to have to go to work on the
weekend. Boo. So I quit and now the VA is my only job. If only I could
become an official employee so I could get paid. :(

3) I attended my sister's beautiful wedding and got a brother-in-law in the
process. Despite certain speakers making fools of themselves and then
puking in my parents bedroom (and I'm not referring to me or the groomsmen),
the wedding went off without a hitch! (Erin, my sister, my feel
differently). But Scott and I and Scott's parents and the Snover boys and
Jill and the Flahertys and my aunts and uncles (not to mention my cousin Eli
who apparently was a hit even though I didn't get to see him dance) had a
damn good time dancing the night away! Jill K's sister Missy even had a
cute boy chasing after her! Life was good. I especially loved seeing 3 new
cousins! Mallory, known for her ears and one dimple; Krisitin, actually my
cousin's daughter who had adorable curly blonde locks and cute full cheeks;
and Patrick James, my same cousin's new son who I didn't get to spend much
time with because he was either eating or sleeping a lot of the time. (I
hear babies do that.) It was also nice to see my Uncle Jim give the homily.
So many people were involved. I can only hope my own wedding is as well
attended by family and friends. Don't worry though folks. At this rate, it
won't be for about 10 years.

4) The people in the Bronx are a little rougher around the edges than people
in most parts of Manhattan. I saw 2 women almost get into a brawl over a
bus seat that one of the women had her bag on (she was carrying like 3
bags.) THe lady who was sitting with her bags was british and had a cat in
one of the bags so when the other lady started yelling about how she
couldn't rest the a bag on her back (Actually just on the ledge slightly
behind the rude lady's neck) I couldn't help but laugh. What a waste of
energy all that bitchyness was.

5) I went to a dog park in Riverside Park with my friend Ben who has
recently moved out to the city (Hurray!) Ben was dogsitting his roommates
husky Inkadou, who we think might be autistic. He's not really like regular
dogs. Hes only 6 or so, but he barely responds when you pet him and is
quite aloof, going off and playing by himself or following other dogs when
they played but not being involved. Perhaps I need to make a DSM-D for dogs.
(Diagnostic manuel for mental illness). I'll look into it.

6) Ben was also present at the Key West Diner (yes...its in New York...not
Key West...but quite festive I may say...tropical even) when Erica and I
overheard the man behind us saying something about dead girls and his friend
responded "Oh, so it was THAT kind of brothel!" We were slightly concerned
but chose not to approach the issue. Ben was clueless but we filled him in.

Hope all of you are doing well. I am feeling quite good here lately and am
really looking forward to the fall here. I love fall anyways but the cool
fall air in the city is so crisp and great! I'm sure I left some fun event
out but I'll have to save that for next time! Love to all! W/b if you can
find time. Love,
The New New Yorker

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Volume 3: August 06

Hello all,Long time most see for most of you. :( For those of you who are new to my mass email list, I've included the first 2 volumes of my New Yorkhappenings at the bottom of this email for your reading pleasure. Again,crazy things have happened since I've been here in NY. And I'd like to fill you all in. Also, for you Minnesotans, I'll be home between August26th and 31st so call me if you'd like to meet up! Alright, here goes.Interesting New Yorkian events:1) Got a part time job working in the "Big Boys" section at Macys. Yes THE Macys in Herald Square. Pretty neat huh? Despite what this sounds like (andthe misunderstanding of my coworker, Giffesia) this is not plus sizemen..(Big Boys...get it?).this is boys sizes 8-20. I'm enjoying it minus having too many hours and sore feet!2) As Scott and I were walking to the grocery store, I saw a man carryingwhat looked to be a large rodent in rigor mortis. I moved over, runninginto Scott, who didn't see the animal, and he asked me why I ran into him. He totally didn't believe me until we were leavnig the grocery store andthis crazy crazy man was showing his new rodent friend to another man onthe street. The other guy said "Why didn't you leave that on the street?! It's a dead rodent!" Scott knew then that I wasn't making it up and we gotour butts out of there.3) When it was raining I saw a man with a shopping cart (not that shoppingcart people are funny..but give me a moment), wearing a ziplock bag for a hat and goggles over his eyes. He was very weather-prepared.4) I decided I don't enjoy my job at Mount Sinai because there's no patientinteraction other than over the phone, and I don't get paid very well. I proceeded to look for a new job and lined up an interview in Long Islandfor a job at the Bronx VA that would pay me $8000 more a year. The trip toLong Island was an experience in itself. After an hour long train ride that cost me $16 round trip, I got off at a stop where I bus was supposed tocome and bring me directly to the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in WestBrentwood. After waiting for an hour and a half in what I thought was small town USA, no bus had showed and I had only 10 minutes until theinterview began. I ran across the street to get a taxi which cost me $25instead of the $1.50 the bus would have cost me. I made it just in time to the interview only to find out there were now 2 positions and I was beingstrongly considered for one that would give me a PAYCUT of $5000/year.Yeah right. I barely make it on what I have now. I couldn't handle a paycut. But I was optimistic because I had had a good interview and felt myinterviewing skills could get me some sort of new job. On the $20 taxiride back to the station, the driver told me the city I had been in waiting for the bus, this imagined small-town-USA of mine, was one of the worstcities in Long Island. Wyndanch. Who would have known?? I made it back intime for work at Macys. What a day. Oh yeah, and I lost my Gap credit card that day too. Go figure. Don't worry. Its taken care of.5) 2 days after my interview, I was offered the job....at the Bronx VAwhich pays the $8000 more a year! I have accepted the position and start officially on September 11th. My boss at Mount Sinai was not too pleased,but that's his problem. He wasn't paying me enough and wasn't straightforward about the patient contact in the position. The position at the Bronx is a clinical research coordinator position and I'll be doingneuropsychological tests on schizophrenic patients as well as performingother tasks. For those of you who know my obsession w/ psychology, this job is right up my alley and I can't wait! My last day at the Sinai is Sept6th.So perhaps this email isn't quite as funny or eventful as the others, butit has more depth to it, wouldn't you say? I have gone through periods of nervousness due to all the newness of this place but am finally seeing theclouds clear and am feeling quite comfortable in New York. It feels nice.Scott is doing well and he and I are great. He saw Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in Shakespeare's Mother Courage last night. He said Meryl wasamazing. Well duh. Feel free to w/b and let me know whats happening withyou! And hope to see some of you the 26th to the 31st. For those of you who don't know, I'll be home for my sister's wedding and she is marryingher soul mate Steve Baker. I'm very happy for them and can't wait to be hermaid of honor. Love you all,Lauren p.s. Char and Jack, will you show this to the holter ladies and also, Jackwill you get me Sharons email address? I can't remember it even though mymom gave it to me. Much love you guys! I miss ANW!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Volume 2: July 06

Hey guys!
Much has happened since I last updated you on the happenings here in the big apple! For those of you who didn't get the first email, I am pasting it to the bottom of this one so you can catch up. So here are the events that have come to pass over the last couple weeks:

1) I participated in the murder of 4 cockroaches. Actually one was already dead but I flushed it so it counts.

2) An 80+ year old woman budged in front of me in line at the grocery store to buy menora candles. (For all of you non-jewish people out there, the menora is the candleabra you light during Hanukkah...which is in December. However, apparently this lady was so desperate to get a good deal on them she felt the need to budge in front of me.) When I said excuse me she just smiled and patted her box of candles. I let it slide.

3) I obtained a position at Mount Sinai Medical Center as an assistant researcher. (This was the interview where I said I was rusty at stats...they must have gotten over it!) The job is in the department of rehabilitation medicine and I'll be working with data from patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. Interesting. I start either the 5th or the 10th of July.

4) I witnessed a woman changing her 1 and a half year old kid's diaper in the middle of a department store on a bench. I'm not talking about on the side of the department store, like near the ladies rooms or anything. I'm talking right in the middle of the frickin store! I swear. People here are crazy.

5) I've gotten 3 sties on the same eye. I guess this one isnt the most exciting news but it kind of sucks.

So yes. If you've received this email, it means I've been thinking of you and miss seeing you! I love living with Scott but its rough not having any other familiar faces! Luckily my girl Lindsey is coming to visit next week. WOO HOO! And I start work soon and am hoping to make some friends there! Hope all is well with all of you and feel free to w/b and tell me what is happening with you and yours! Much love,

p.s. Tara and Char, can you share this with the rest of the gang again? Also, can I get Jack's email address and one of the holter ladies? Miss you guys!!!!

Friday, June 9, 2006

Volume I: June 06

Hello All,

Since nothing super concrete has happened yet to define my life in New York, I thought I'd send an email of brief happenings to keep you all up to date. Also, if you're getting this email, I must likely miss you as well. So here goes:

1) Was ditched by Super Shuttle (shuttle service from JFK airport) after midnight and shared a cab to the city with a photographer named Monte, originally from Chicago who lived in Washington Heights.2) Tried to take a shortcut from the train in New Jersey to get to IKEA to order our furniture and ended up having to take an extra monorail, bus and then walk a mile and a half to get to the actual store. Boo.3) Drove a 10 foot Uhaul truck in Manhattan to move things from Scott's old apartment to our new one. (It was only 4 miles however.)4) Killed a cockroach in my underwear in my new apartment. I cried because the thing was so creepy.5) Broke out in hives after drinking a Banana Coconut Frappucino from Star Bucks...though we're not sure that it was the culprit.6) Ruined our IKEA coffee table by screwing in a piece backwards which wasn't reversible.7) Had a job interview at Mount Sinai's Rehabilitation Medicine division for a research assistant position in spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. Hopefully I didn't blow it when I'm a little rusty at stats. Doh!

Quite frankly my friends, adjustment is hard. But I have been enjoying myself with Scott and love our new apartment despite our difficulties. Will write more when I know more about what my life will be like here in NYC. Love you all,Laurenp.s. Tara and/or Char- will you pass this email on to the other techs and holter ladies? Much love! Miss you guys!