Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I've seen lately....

Please note that most of these wacky NY events happened on some sort of public transportation vessel:

1) The other night on my way home from Anatomy and Physiology class, I was with a classmate, minding my own business. A man got on the train wearing some tubes in his nose like he was on oxygen (thought I never saw an oxygen tank or anything). He minded his own business for a couple stops, and then got up and started talking about how no subway ride was complete without a visit with your local bum. His wit caught my attention and I looked over and OOPS, made eye contact with him. From there on out, he spoke to me directly, minus asking some of the people on the other end of the train for money. He even went so far as to pole dance for me on a pole in the middle of the train while staring directly at me and singing about booty. Thank God we were at our stop! Why me??

2) Here's a first. So I've seen people throw small pieces of garbage (wrappers, etc) out of subway cars during the stops. This this morning, a man (possibly intoxicated...he had that smell about him), got up from his seat in the back of the bus this morning, opened the back doors and threw his large can (of beer??) in a paper bag out of the back door onto the street. Good God.

3) Earlier on the day that the self-proclaimed "bum" pole danced for me, I was lectured on the subway by an enthusiastic man who wanted me to sit down and eat my breakfast "cause it would make you feel better". He also told me he was how he was because he ate power bars and was quite happy about the fact that I was carrying a large bottle of water because it was "healthy".

4) Even EARLIER that day, as I walked out of my apartment and looked down our sidewalk, I took note of a man about 20-30 feet away wearing no pants. Bare legs I tell you. Not sure if he was peeing, pooping or changing his pants. After brief contemplation, I crossed to the other side of the road, avoiding a potentially awkward situation.

Just a few events of note that I've experience in NY lately. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I can't take credit for this one. I received it by email. But it is genius....