Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Volume 4: September 06

Hey guys,
Time for another fun-filled update from the city that never sleeps.
Actually New York does sleep! And they sleep late! I'm used to people
working from 7-3 or 8-4 in Mn but most people don't start here until 9:30.
And everything closes by 11 or 12. So either I'm using that cliche for the
wrong city (quite possible) or its a load of baloney.

I feel as if I am writing a Babysitter's Club book. I have to tell all the
readers each time to look at the bottom of this email to read prior editions
of my little news letter just like the author had to explain Kristy,
Claudia, Dawn, Mallery, etc in everybook and had to do it differently each
time. A little annoying if you read as many of those books as I did. To the
point, if you're new to this list, check out the earlier editions of this
email at the end of this one...just in case you need a good laugh.

Anyways, I'll begin with this past month's events.
1) I began work (though still not officially due to the slowness of the
federal government) at the Bronx VA. I was electronically fingerprinted by
this HR guy who many believe may have Aspberger's syndrome which is like a
mild form of autism. Not the biggest people person I've ever met. One
minute he's being jerky about my questions, the next minute he's taking
about how much he likes Minnesota and how his wife is from SD and then he's
being jerky again. Anyways, the federal goverment now has my prints so I
better not do anything bad after this.

2) I quit my job at Macys. Apparently I've made a hobby of quitting jobs
lately. The job at Macys was getting old pretty quickly, especially because
I'd work all week, sometimes 12 hour days, just to have to go to work on the
weekend. Boo. So I quit and now the VA is my only job. If only I could
become an official employee so I could get paid. :(

3) I attended my sister's beautiful wedding and got a brother-in-law in the
process. Despite certain speakers making fools of themselves and then
puking in my parents bedroom (and I'm not referring to me or the groomsmen),
the wedding went off without a hitch! (Erin, my sister, my feel
differently). But Scott and I and Scott's parents and the Snover boys and
Jill and the Flahertys and my aunts and uncles (not to mention my cousin Eli
who apparently was a hit even though I didn't get to see him dance) had a
damn good time dancing the night away! Jill K's sister Missy even had a
cute boy chasing after her! Life was good. I especially loved seeing 3 new
cousins! Mallory, known for her ears and one dimple; Krisitin, actually my
cousin's daughter who had adorable curly blonde locks and cute full cheeks;
and Patrick James, my same cousin's new son who I didn't get to spend much
time with because he was either eating or sleeping a lot of the time. (I
hear babies do that.) It was also nice to see my Uncle Jim give the homily.
So many people were involved. I can only hope my own wedding is as well
attended by family and friends. Don't worry though folks. At this rate, it
won't be for about 10 years.

4) The people in the Bronx are a little rougher around the edges than people
in most parts of Manhattan. I saw 2 women almost get into a brawl over a
bus seat that one of the women had her bag on (she was carrying like 3
bags.) THe lady who was sitting with her bags was british and had a cat in
one of the bags so when the other lady started yelling about how she
couldn't rest the a bag on her back (Actually just on the ledge slightly
behind the rude lady's neck) I couldn't help but laugh. What a waste of
energy all that bitchyness was.

5) I went to a dog park in Riverside Park with my friend Ben who has
recently moved out to the city (Hurray!) Ben was dogsitting his roommates
husky Inkadou, who we think might be autistic. He's not really like regular
dogs. Hes only 6 or so, but he barely responds when you pet him and is
quite aloof, going off and playing by himself or following other dogs when
they played but not being involved. Perhaps I need to make a DSM-D for dogs.
(Diagnostic manuel for mental illness). I'll look into it.

6) Ben was also present at the Key West Diner (yes...its in New York...not
Key West...but quite festive I may say...tropical even) when Erica and I
overheard the man behind us saying something about dead girls and his friend
responded "Oh, so it was THAT kind of brothel!" We were slightly concerned
but chose not to approach the issue. Ben was clueless but we filled him in.

Hope all of you are doing well. I am feeling quite good here lately and am
really looking forward to the fall here. I love fall anyways but the cool
fall air in the city is so crisp and great! I'm sure I left some fun event
out but I'll have to save that for next time! Love to all! W/b if you can
find time. Love,
The New New Yorker