Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New York Happenings, January 08 Edition

Friends and family,

As I sat on our grey, leather love seat in my Minnesota living room on Christmas morning, I was surrounded by my mom and dad, my sister and her husband, Steve, as well as my boyfriend of 4 years, Scott. My sister handed me my last present for the morning. It was a box, apx 6 by 6 by 6 and it was from my beloved. J Scott had given me a digital watch I asked for the night before for Christmas, so while he and I have been discussing engagement rings for sometime, I thought it was illogical to get me a digital watch and an engagement ring on the same Christmas. Plus, he told me he wouldn't be able to afford a ring until at least this summer. So I told myself not to get my hopes up. I undid the blue bow and unwrapped the red wrapping paper, to find a cardboard box, sealed with scotch tape (which I thought was interesting because my family always seals boxes with packing tape for Christmas gifts). As I used the blade of our scissors to cut through the scotch tape, I literally thought to myself, "Do you feel in your gut like this is it?…No….this isn't it. Stop getting your hopes up." Within the box was a small gift bag. That's interesting I thought
My mom started taking pictures. Not that weird. My dad is a photographer. We get used to cameras flashing in our faces at random times. I opened the small bag to find a smaller white box. Scott started edging off the seat of the couch and my sister starting taking pictures too. As I lifted the lid to the white box, I saw a blue jewelry box. WHAT? Is this really happening?
I gasped as Scott slid off the loveseat onto one knee, and as I opened the box, he asked as sweetly as can be, "Will you marry me?" I couldn't speak. This was unreal. I had waited for this moment for 4 years. Since the first night I kissed Scott (in August of 03), I thought this was a possibility. And here I was, my dream coming true, and my whole family there to watch. All I did was wrap my arms around him and hug him, many many times. And then my sister said, "Well? Are you going to answer him?" And I looked at him and nodded vigorously. It wasn't until about a week later that Scott and I realized I never verbally said yes, so I said yes. Of course!
After the vigorous nods, my family all came up to us with hugs and congratulations and it was so surreal! And I actually looked at the ring, to find out it was the one I had pointed out to Scott in November of 06 which I never thought I would get because of the cost. When I put it on my finger, my hands were shaking. He did good work.
So, without further ado, let me announce that on Saturday, August 8th , 2009, I will become Mrs. Lauren Bachnick Witebsky. Scott and I will be married in the same place we have our reception (location TBD) due to the religious difference (Scott is Jewish), and we will be married by a judge. I am going home this Friday (Jan 18th) to look at some venues with my family and Scott's parents (Scott is unable to join us because he's busy playing Grumio) and maybe to try on a few dresses.
Yes, I am aware that I have 20 frickin' months to plan this wedding. But I am so excited! I can't wait to share this day with those that I love, and I can't wait to marry the man that I love!
Scott and I are holding an NY engagement party on January 26th. We have such wonderful friends that one of them offered to help cook, and another offered her place because she has more room than us in our 500 sqft studio. So we're looking very forward to celebrating with our closest NY friends, and I'm looking forward to showing off my rock. *Wink*.
I apologize if this email is too sappy for you. But I wanted to share with all of you the play by play of what happens when your dream becomes reality. And please excuse me if I become wedding-obsessed for the next 20-months. I'll do my best to stay grounded while I prepare for this happy day in our lives.
Love to all and Happy New Year!

p.s To see the ring, click here.
p.p.s. To see the proposal in action, click here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The series of events...

So for those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the last week, Scott and I got engaged on Christmas morning! I was quite surprised as I thought I had to wait until at least June. Needless to say it was a very happy Christmas in the Bachnick/Baker/Witebsky household.

Scott wrapped the ring in a big box, which inclosed a bag, a smaller box and then the ring box. Here I am, literally thinking "This isn't going to be the ring I was hoping for."

Here is me realizing this IS the ring I was hoping for and Scott is getting down on one knee and proposing (and he wasn't nervous at all btw, he was excited he says). I am spinning because I can't believe this is real!

I couldn't really say anything for a bit after he proposed so I just hugged him, and eventually nodded an affirmative (duh.) However, just in case, Scott did make me verbally say yes a couple days ago when we realized I never did it.

My favorite post-proposal shot. It was just perfect.

I don't know where Scott and I are looking in this pic, but let's pretend it's towards the future with lots of love and hope!

And to answer your questions, I didn't cry, but I did tear up. And my hand was shaking quite a bit when I put the beautiful ring on! Get ready to come to Minneapolis in August of 2009 for a Bachnick/Witebsky wedding!