Saturday, April 26, 2008

Movin' on up!!!

FINALLY! Scott and I are moving from our 500 sqft studio apartment where we have resided for the last 2 years (almost) to an almost 900 sqft one bedroom in Washington Heights at Riverside Drive around 158th St (see NY map below for Wash Heights location). It is less than 10 blocks from Columbia's medical campus, so I will be able to walk to school. We're moving in officially on May 10th, but the apartment is ours as of tomorrow. Woot Woot! Here's a photo tour:

The front entrance on Riverside Drive West

Back entrance (one we'll probably take most of the time)

Our little kitchen with *GASP* a washer and dryer!!!!!!!!! What?! That's unheard of in NY!

Our LARGE living room. Blue walled and all. And look, they left us a lamp!

This is a little opening between the bathroom straight ahead and the bedroom to the left. PERFECT spot for our desk! What a nice little open office.

Our bedroom. Look! They also left us an air conditioner. SAINTS I tell you! On the other side of the room are 2 closests so Scott and I each have our own! (A good thing since we're both a bit diva-ish about our closet space).

Best part? View from the living room on the Hudson River.

What a great place, right? I am overjoyed :)

Will get furnished pics up ASAP!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New York Luxe

So, as much as I complain about having to slum it in NY due to not making tons of money, I occasionally get an evening of luxury...such as when the girls from the VA and I spent the evening on the roof of Amelia's high rise building in Battery Park (near Wall Street). It was rough. The view was horrible, and the company was even worse. (kidding!!)... just see the pics below.
Amy, me and Julia (whose last day was on 4/18. WE'LL MISS YOU JULIA (aka Brooke White look-alike).
Shauna...always such a bore....
Please pay no attention to what I'm doing with my leg in this picture, and notice the gorgeous back drop!

Julia and Amelia (after her traumatic week, this was just what she needed! Pizza, cosmos and us ladies!)

I just love these girls!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Luxury Condos for Fish!

I love it! There was an article in the New York Times this morning about how a group in Delaware is using old New York subway cars as a way to stimulate marine life/growth. The article talks about how this is becoming so popular that it's causing problems for the group that started it in Delaware. But I love this idea! Finally MTA (metro transit authority) has contributed positively to the world (instead of just pissing all of us off).

Pics of the subway cars being sent undersea to be new homes for fish!

And this is how the fish would experience it: Fun fish movie!

Finally someone who can respect the space of a subway car! No pole dancers down here!

Monday, April 7, 2008

New York Happenings: Delayed March 2008 Edition

Dear Friends and Family,
March proved to be a trying month for my family and me. Our dear friend, Jean Snover, passed away on March 25th after an 18 year battle with Parkinson's Disease. (See blog entry for pics: In Rememberance) During the last month of her life, my family in Minnesota and her close friends and family, were able to be by her bedside as she suffered from various infections that typically are the cause of death in those afflicted with the disease. It was difficult to be away in New York during this time, because I would have given a lot to see Jean alive one more time. However, I was able to speak with her on the phone and say my good byes, and I came home for the wake and funeral which took place on March 28th and 31st respectively. I was shocked during her wake, when I actually enjoyed myself due to the fun and loving nature of her sons, Marc, Eric and Jon, and their girlfriends Jamie, Katie and Katie. Jean truly lives on in those boys, and they are sensitive souls because of their experiences and will some day make great husbands, perhaps to the girls we spent time with that weekend. Attached are some pictures of the good time we had together.

The same weekend that we remembered Jean's life, we were celebrating a step in the lives of Erin and Steve, as they moved into their new house in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota. The split level, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house is adorable and perfect for them. And I think Erin and Steve can finally settle down in the state now that they have their own place.

It has been mostly routine for Scott and I this month other than my trip home at the end. I have been struggling to work full time and complete my last prerequisite for nursing school (Anatomy and Physiology II), something that I don't feel should be so difficult considering my schedule last semester (Micro and Chemistry). And Scott has been preparing for his 2 showcases for agents and casting directors which are in April (in NY) and May (in LA). We have also been looking to get a new apartment. (A 1-bedroom…THANK GOD). We are being reviewed by the co-op board of an apartment on 158th and Riverside Drive and are keeping our fingers crossed because the space is great and it is less than 10 blocks from Columbia's Medical Campus. Wedding plans have been mostly at a standstill other than visiting one terribly cramped boutique in Plymouth, Minnesota during my trip home. I could barely fit into the dressingroom, let alone get into some of the dresses. It was basically a wash. I however do have all my bridesmaids in place and Scott is working on those groomsman. More to come on that as the date gets closer.
Hope everyone is enjoying Spring…even though it's a bit of a slow arrival this year (it snowed all day on the date of Jean's funeral. I thought my flight was going to be cancelled but instead it was just delayed for 2 hours while we awaited the arrival of apx 30 adolescent Canadian Art School students who all sat in my cabin and annoyed me the entire way to NY.) Looking forward to the end of this semester and this job which has proved to me that most psychiatrists are actually in need of psychiatrist treatment themselves. Love to all and please keep Jean and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Love,


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In Rememberance....

Below are pictures of our good family friend, Jean Snover, who passed away on March 25th after an 18 year battle with Parkinson's disease. Jean was like a second mother to me and her death was bitter sweet, as she will be greatly missed by her sons, her husband, her numerous friends, and her "daughters", but at least she no longer has to suffer the demons of disease. This post is dedicated to her today. We love you Jeanie. You shall be greatly missed.