Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Happenings, Part I

Hey all,
While I thought it'd been longer since I last posted, I guess 2.5 months is probably a bit too long of an absence from the blog.  I've got a stock pile of pics to share with you and probably 5-10 book reviews to do.  Oops.   I have been busy adjusting to life on my new floor which I am really enjoying.  Switching from a cardiology unit to a medicine/oncology unit was a great move for me.  I love the variety and I am really enjoying the people I work with.  It is just a better fit.  And no more night shifts is really helping my mood!

Anyways, here are some things that I would like to share that have taken place this summer...

Baby fever....
Julia had a baby shower in May...
Julia (8 months pregnant), Karen (4 months pregnant), Lauren (not pregnant!)

And had a baby boy on June 18th!

Samuel Beto Vaca is as sweet as can be!
Scott took part in Boomerang Theatre Company's Much Ado About Nothing in Central Park.
Here he is as the Sexton.  He did an awesome job!!

And worked with some funny funny people.
(Edward Carnevale, Scott Witebsky, Colby Chambers, Severin Anne Mason)

Mike and Natalie even came in to surprise Scott and see his show!  What sweet kids (soon to be married in October!).

Old friend....
My friend Brad moved to the city and we have enjoyed many New York treats
including Shake Shack and 16 Handles frozen yogurt. (Yummo).  Here we are at the Cloisters.

Short trip....
Scott and I took a road trip to the Lake George area in the Adirondacks for a little R&R. Here I am driving with my eyes closed! (Ok, camera happened to catch me with my eyes closed, I swear I'm not this risky.)

Scott wastes money...I mean spends money...on a lotto ticket.  We didn't win lotto.

One of many mini-golf places in the Lake George area that are only open one day per week. Considering we were there Sunday-Monday, this did us no good.

Our Bed and Breakfast- the Cornerstone Victorian!  This is a lovely little gem in Warrensburg, NY.  The decor was a bit too old fashioned for me but it was still a lovely place to stay, friendly hosts and amazing food!
This bed and breakfast was adorable!

Its true.

I'm not especially good at taking full-room shots, but here is a beautiful Tempur-Pedic bed.  If I remembered what number I used, I'd tell you.

Ramshackle little chapel near Lake George.

We had dinner at George's, a steak place that ended up being way more expensive than we wanted it to be...and had an affinity for taxidermy.
But a good experience none-the-less.
More summer fun to come!

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